Dr. Navya Vyas

Assistant Professor

Department of Health Policy


    • Teaching infectious disease, Surveillance and  Maternal and Child Health.
    • Teaches and guides MPH, SAP  students.
    • Takes practical classes, field visits to govt health institution.
    • Placement and Alumni Coordinator for MPH
    • Coordinator for MPH second semester


Subject Subject code Semester
Infectious Disease and Surveillance MPH 614 Year I
Basics of Maternal and Child Health MCH 614 Year I
Demography and Population Sciences MCH 616 Year I
Chronic Disease and Disability MPH 616 Year I
Global Health Problems (SAP) PUBH-220


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
BHMS Vinayaka Missions University 2009
Master of Public Health Department of Public Health, MAHE, Manipal 2013

Multi-centric observational study on protective efffect of Metformin against Tuberclosis infection in diabetic patients in south indian tertiary healthcare facilities

Platelet and red blood cells morphological abnormality study using digital pathology platform

Assessment of Civilian biodefense preparedness in the state of Karnataka

Preparedness of the health system in an event of outbreak of emerging infectious diseases

Pursuing PhD research on the preparedness of the health system in an event of outbreak of emerging infectious diseases


Area of Interest

Emerging Infectious Diseases, Nutrition, Reproductive Health

Area of Expertise

Infectious Diseases & Surveillance

Area of Research

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Work Experience

Organisation Role Tenure
District Health Office, Government of India(IDSP) District Epidemiologist 2 Years

Chelating Agents and antioxidants :Pragmatic approaches for management of Buergers Disease.Reviews in Vascular Medicine2016;4-5:23-25.

A qualitative study on experiences and needs of breast cancer survivors in Karnataka, India

2017-01-08 Sushma Marita Dsouza Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Prakash Narayanan

Clinical Epidemiology & Global Health

Protective Effect of Metformin against Tuberculosis in Diabetic Patients


Journal of Infection and Public Health

Development and Evaluation of Patient Information Leaflet for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patients


International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Development of a Health Risk Communication Tool to address Oral Health Issues of Schoolchildren of Balotra Block, Rajasthan

World Journal of Dentistry

Determinants of Neonatal Morbidity in Nabarangpur District of Odisha

2017-24-06 Jyotsna Rani Ekka Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Shaikh Shah Hossain Ms. Haripriya Chand

Determinants and Prevalence of Chronic Pain among Adults in Urban Area of Udupi Taluk

2017-24-06 PARAMJOT PANDA Dr. Navya Vyas Mrs. Apporva B

Perceptions related to tobacco cessation among health professionals, policy makers and patients in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2017-24-06 DR SANDRA ERNEST JOSEPH Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Janmesh Shah Dr. Sameer Phadnis

Factors Influencing Utilization of Reproductive Health Services Among Mothers in Mawkyrwat Block, South West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya

2017-24-06 Jurysha Nongdhar Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Prakash Narayanan Dr. Arathi Rao Dr. Star Pala

Development of a Health Risk Communication Tool to Address the Problem of Oral Hygiene among Early Adolescents in Schools of Balotra block of Barmer District

2017-24-06 Dr. Zakariya Chouhan Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Shashidhar Acharya Dr. Nitin Kumar Joshi

A Qualitative study on Experiences and needs of breast cancer survivors in South Canara Region of Karnataka.

2017-24-06 Sushma Marita Dsouza Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Prakash Narayanan Dr. Krishna Sharan

Impact of Congenital Hand Anomalies on Quality of Life of Children Visiting a Tertiary Care Hospital, Udupi Taluk- A Qualitative study

2017-24-06 Divine Thampi Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Anil K Bhat Dr. Arathi Rao

Reproductive Health Profile of Women in Rural Areas of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

2018-09-06 Dr Nikita Srivastava Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Prakash Narayanan Dr. Arathi Rao

Assessment of Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme in Deoghar, Jharkhand

2018-09-06 Medhavi Manish Dr. Navya Dr. Rajesh Kamath

A study to assess the workload and performance of the Auxillary Nurse Midwives in Thoubal Block, Thoubal District, Manipur

2018-09-06 Lourembam Keeranbala Devi Dr. Navya Vyas Dr. Bhumika

Assessment of nutritional status of elderly population in urban slums in west chennai

2018-09-06 R Rupa Dr. Navya Vyas Dr.Manisha Gore Mr. Teddy Andrews

A Secondary Analysis on Coverage and Quality of Ante-Natal Care (ANC) in High Focus States of India

2018-09-06 Aditi Patnaik Prakash Navya

Assessment of the Nutritional Status of adolescent girls in tea garden estates of Nazira block, Sivasagar district, Assam

2018-09-06 Dr Pompy Konwar Dr. Shaikh Shah Hossain Dr. Manisha Gore

A study on experiences of women during the menopausal period in temi block South District, Sikkim

2018-09-06 Pragya Basnett Dr. Manisha Gore