Teddy Andrews

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Department of Global Health


    Teddy Andrews is an Assistant Professor - Selection Grade in MSW Programme, Prasanna School of Public Health at Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

    For the Past 10 years, he is involved in:

    • Teaching PG students in Social Work Programme.
    • Teaching Special classes for Global Health students from Maastricht University.
    • FAIMER Research Institute.
    • Teaching Social Work (SW) and Global Health (GH) students
    • Providing Research guidance for SW and GH students
    • Coordination of fieldwork placements for SW and GH students
    • Faculty in-charge for admissions for SW programme
    • Actively building collaborations with other universities and organizations
    • Teaching, Lesson Planning and Syllabus revision. 
    • Guiding Students for research Dissertation. 
    • Supervision for Students Internship. 
    • Guiding students for Field work practicum. 
    • Conducting industrial exposure visit to various organizations.






Subject Subject code Semester
Psychiatric Social Work MSW 624.02 IV Semester
Basics of Counselling Theory and Practice MSW 621 III Semester
Psychiatric Disorders MSW 625.02 III Semester
Research Project MSW 628 Fourth Semester
Field Work Practicum All Semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Social Work Bishop Heber College, Bharathidasan University, India 2004
PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) in Gerontology and Geriatrics University of Malta, Malta 2003
Master of Arts Social Work Loyola College, University of Madras 2000
Bachelor of Arts Sociology Loyola College, University of Madras, India 1998


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Sangath, Goa Project Coordinator Conceptualising, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating intervention Organise and conduct training programs in-house and for other beneficiaries Networking at various levels Planning, monitoring and supervising the activities of the project team Developing project related resource materials and reports Managing budget and Administration 4 years
Department of Social Work, Loyola College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Lecturer Teaching foundation and core social work papers Research and Fieldwork Guidance Staff Adviser (Consultant) for Urban Community Mental Health Initiative (UCMHI) Administrative support to the Head of the Department 1 year
SAGAYAM - SWCWS Project Manager Case Assessment Counselling and psychotherapeutic services Group interventions Planning and Reviewing Care Package Building collaborations and documentation 1 year


Area of Interest

Ageing, Mental Health, Adolescent Health, Social Work Education and International Social Work

Area of Expertise

Psychosocial concerns of elderly population, Stigma and discrimination, psychosocial interventions related to mental health, Psychosocial wellbeing of adolescents through life skills approach, Innovations in social work education using indigenous participatory methodologies

Area of Research

Ageing, Mental Health and Social Work Education

Professional Affiliations & Contributions


  • Life member of National Association of Professional Social Workers in India.
  • Life member of Indian Society for Professional Social Workers.
  • Life member of Professional Social Workers Association, Chennai.

Work Experience

Organisation Role Tenure
Sangath, Goa Part - Time Consultant •Developing training manual and the resource manual for School Health Counsellors (SHCs) •Reviewed School Health intervention package and intervention manual •Compiled the training modules of SHCs •Reviewed reports of Schools’ projects •Resource person for a refresher training of SHCs •Supporting the Clinical Director, and / or the new Coordinator in terms of managing administrative and budgetary concerns through email / phone / Skype.
Sangath, Goa Project Coordinator •Conceptualising, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating intervention packages of : o School based interventions for promoting young people’s health (Project Title: SHAPE) o Community based program for youth health promotion (Project Title: Yuva Mitr) •Organise and conduct training programs in-house and for other beneficiaries •Community awareness programs •Networking at various levels •Planning, monitoring and supervising the activities of the project team •Developing project related resource materials and reports •Managing budget and Administration •Family Counselling and individualised support to clients
Sagayam - Home for Destitute Mentally Ill Men, Social Welfare Centre for Weaker Sections, Chennai Project Manager •Case Assessment •Psycho-education •Counselling services to inmates & families •Group work •Planning and Reviewing Care Package •Building collaborations •Documentation and Recording •Referral services •Organising Training Programmes for the staff •Resource Mobilisation & Organising Volunteer groups

Stigma and mental health- caregivers’ perspective: A qualitative analysis


Perception of stigma toward mental illness in South India


Psychological impact on caregivers of HIV-infected children in Udupi district, Karnataka

2017-01-06 Asadullah M

Depression, anxiety and experiences of stigma among the men-having-sex-with-men (MSM) population in Udupi district, Karnataka.

2011-01-01 Dhritiman Das - PG (MPH)

2011 – 2013, 4th Semester.

Psychological impact on caregivers of HIV-infected children in Udupi district, Karnataka.

2011-01-01 Asadullah - PG

(MPH) student, 2011 – 2013, 4th Semester.

Health seeking behaviour in the Koraga community in Udupi District.

2012-01-01 Ilse Matteij - UG

Medical student from Maastricht University, 2012.

Adjustmental problems of elderly women in old age homes in Udupi District

2013-01-05 Akshatha Nayak

Adjustmental problems of married working women in Kudigrama Village, Udupi District

2013-01-05 Veena

Perception Of Stigma Towards Mental Illness In Udupi District : A Cross Sectional Study

2014-02-06 Bhumika.T.V.

Mobile Phone Use And Psychological Distress Among College Students In Udupi Taluk: A Cross-Sectional Study

2014-02-06 Prachi Pundir


2014-01-05 Vanitha Kunder

Assessment of coping mechanisms for stress and depression among adolescents in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka

2015-01-06 Ashwani Verma

Factors influencing male participation in family planning and reproductive health  in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka: a cross-sectional study

2015-01-06 Dr Abhilash Gurrala

A cross-sectional study to assess the psychological well being and intergenerational solidarity among elderly population in the urban areas of Udupi taluk, Udupi

2015-01-06 Preeti Gurung

Stduy on morbidity pattern and coping mechanism among geriatric population in Updipi Taluk

2015-01-06 Amrut Ravindra Hondappagol

Factor influencing psychological well-being among adolescents

2016-02-05 Karthika

Employee engagement a tool for the success of the organisation

2016-02-05 Archana G Pillai

Employees opinion on the effectiveness of employees welfare measure in prgathi steel casting pvt. ltd shimoga

2016-02-05 Akshatha

Workers opinion regarding welfare measures in sweet India pvt.Ltd, Hiriadk

2016-02-05 Malappa Halagund Ghorpade

Psycho-social stress experienced by Government Primary school teachers in udupi taluq


Factors influencing career decision making among adolescents in Udupi taluk

2016-02-05 Naina Kumari

Employees opinion on workers participation in management

2016-02-05 Sudeepa Kumar

Socio-Economic, Safety and Welfare conditions of migrant construction workers in Udupi Taluk

2017-01-05 Kiran Belavi

Lived experiences of family caregivers of dependent older people

2017-01-05 Shilpa Santhosh

Perceptions, Attitudes and Preventive Practices of Child Sexual Abuse among parents of Primary School Children

2017-01-05 Nair Nirmala Pradeep Kumar

Perception towards organ Transplant among undergraduate students in Udupi District

2017-01-05 Grace Susan Thomas

Perception and awareness about drug abuse among undergraduate students in Jaipur

2017-01-05 Nancy Babu

Job satisfaction among employees of a food processing industry in Idukki District,Kerala

2018-01-05 Sebastian Francis

Perceptions of the entrepreneurs on innovation and challenges in café and restaurant start-ups in Bangalore

2018-01-05 Neha Sajeev

Factors influencing Organizational Commitment among the employees

2018-01-05 Anupama P Hosur

Stress and Job Satisfaction among House Keeping staff in an Organization, Udupi

2018-01-05 Sharath R

Employees opinion about cultural diversity in work place in educational institutions in Udupi

2018-01-05 Kavana

Work Life balance among married women teachers in Belgaum District

2018-01-05 Ningavva Rachayya Mathapati