Practical Training

The Training Cell at Manipal School of Architecture & Planning, MAHE, values a healthy and vibrant environment for connecting and collaborating across the globe. We aim to create students who will enrich the profession and society. Our prime objective is to inspire a strong sense of professionalism, leadership, and team spirit through ethical conduct.

A consistent and enriched student experience is created by having an environment for holistic development, seeking opportunities for broadening the Knowledge base, learning, and expertise along with fostering meaningful relationships to achieve their aims in work and in life.  We believe that embracing the Emotional Quotient is equally important to the Intelligence quotient in this pursuit of career advancement.

We cultivate and advocate continuous quality improvements by adopting innovations in best practices. Our faith in the core value systems continues to guide us in our dedicated endeavor of motivating individuals towards commitment and passion to willingly strive for the betterment of society through the virtues of honesty, Humility, and Integrity. We expect our students would imbibe and extend the same.

There are two stages of Practical Training.

  • Stage-1:  ARC - 14 - 501 PRACTICAL TRAINING – I, in 9th semester. 
  • Stage-2: ARC - 14 - 502 PRACTICAL TRAINING - II, in 10th semester.

Every trainee must work in the Office of an experienced Architect registered with the Council of Architecture (or Governing body of any other country for training undertaken outside India) or an organization operating in an allied field of practice or research, duly approved by the institution. In such a case, the trainee should work under the mentorship of an Architect having experience of at least 5 years in the profession.  The trainee should work for a minimum period as specified in the Calendar Range for the Ninth and Tenth Semester (excluding Viva-voce) from the date of commencement of training. The trainee should involve himself/herself in learning and studying various aspects of the architectural profession as per the Training Manual.

The objective of this course is to offer students an opportunity to work in an architect’s office and get acquainted with the demands of the profession, including carrying out an independent critical study of a building of architectural importance, a study of innovative building material, and study of observed and drafted details.

The professional training shall be for the duration of one year split into two semesters (as mentioned above) in various aspects of architectural practice. During every semester, the candidate shall produce a Training Report Portfolio (as per specified format) and appear for an examination. It shall consist of various drawings, reflective observations as Interns learning, technical graphic data, etc. worked on, during the process of training both at office and sites.