Annual Event of ICAS.

October 12, 2019

The International Centre of Applied Sciences (ICAS), MAHE, Manipal hosted Reverb '19, the long-awaited ICAS-exclusive techno-cultural fest of this academic year, marked by a series of technical and cultural events. It took place over the course of 3 days: 26th, 27th and 28th September 2019.

ICAS Lecture halls, 26th September 2019: The first event for the day was Amazing run. This was a treasure hunt organized with the help of members of the student Council, CRs and committee members as it was a large-scale event which saw the participation of a lot of students. There was a lot of exhilaration as participants ran from pillar to post to reach to their next clue. Simultaneously, the setup for Debate began in LH09. Two Judges from MIT Club LDQ were invited to moderate the debate. The session was a kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, ideas and perspectives that enhance the knowledge and understanding of the topic among the participants as well as the audience. The main highlight of the day was the Competitive Eating Challenge which had over 30 participants competing- it attracted some tasty social sentiment! In the initial rounds participants were served Vada Pavs, Black Coffee, and Samosas. Final round was won by an ICAS junior. The shipwreck Qualifiers were also held, and the Judges were ICAS seniors Barat Motha and Aarya Sharma. Three finalists were shortlisted, and two wildcard entries were taken after the Bonus round. The last event for the day was quiz. The setup for the event was carried out in LH09. Two judges from MIT Club LDQ were invited to conduct the event. The participants showcased their brilliance by rapidly answering the questions.  

ICAS Lecture halls, 27th September 2019: The second day of reverb commenced with a gathering at NIH-C mess wherein the OLC, SMC, PVC and GDC were assigned work throughout the day. The members of the OLC reached at 10:00 am at LH06 to set up for the R’MUN which began at 12:30 on the dot. R’MUN conducted in collaboration with MAHEMUN Club, proved to be a one-of-a-kind show which engaged both the audience and the participants. This was then followed by fun games. The participants enjoyed these relaxing hours. Simultaneously, preparation for culinary competition started at LH01 by the OLC. The event had 7 teams of between 2 to 3 participants who were further judged by a student from WGSHA. The participants created various delicacies from scratch which surely made it a memorable event. As the evening sun set in, the entertainment and performances picked up pace. Dumb charades began at 6:00 pm, organized by the OLC is the perfect example for this statement. The event consisted of 7 teams of between 3 to 5 participants wherein 1 team of 4 members won the game. Day 2 of gaming commenced in LH08 at 5:00 pm whose setup had been taken care by members of OLC earlier. Four games were moderated by members of OLC and Student Council on this day. A sense of enjoyment filled the room as the various participants tried to steer their teams to a victory with the audience cheering in the back.

MIT Library Auditorium, 28th September 2019: Day 3 kick started with Mad-Plays in which 4 teams of 3-6 members each tried to enact a scene from a famous movie. The event was judged by Behind the Scenes Club of MIT. The event ended with a team of 3 members emerging victorious. We then moved on to the 'Pageant' which was judged by the Glam and Glitz club of MIT. It would be an understatement to say that the event was full of glamour and eventually, a Junior ICAS won it. The dancing and singing performances by the students were no less entertaining. This was followed by a half an hour break where the audience and the participants savored the delicacy brought by McDonald's, the food vendor for Reverb. They used their 100 rupees coupons which had been given to them earlier. This was followed with a singing competition judged by Chords & Co. club of MIT. Participants showcased their talents as solo or duet either with instruments or by singing. The audience as well as the judges were awestruck. The last event of the day was Shipwreck Finals wherein the participants who had been selected in the Shipwreck Qualifiers had been specifically chosen to come and take part. Lastly, everyone came together to take part in the DJ Night, the most anticipated event of the festival, where everyone danced to tunes and celebrated the true spirit of coming together as a family.

Due to the determination and diligence the participants put into every single event, the intensity of competitiveness rose successively with each one, but so did the fun! The entire course of Reverb '19 was an exceptional success and as fellow ICASians, we look forward to consistently hosting the future events for this year and the years to come!