MIT has always been at the forefront of Innovation. The state-of-the-art laboratories, support systems, mentorship from academia, industry and the vibrant ecosystem consisting of engineering, medical, dental, pharmacy, commerce and management have fostered inter-disciplinary ideas.  The culture of innovation is the core philosophy that defines MIT and has been vividly captured by the concept of ‘Experiential Learning. This is facilitated by providing open electives, opportunities to work in Major Student Projects, myriad of technical and non-technical clubs, hackathons, and final year projects. These initiatives are coupled with support from the Idea Café, Innovation Centre, Manipal Universal Technology and Business Incubator, and the Manipal - Government of Karnataka Bioincubator where MIT students have established several start-up companies. Apart from this, a few start-up ventures have been initiated on the voluntary basis by many students.

A new initiative: Start-up Final Year Project

Recently, MIT has initiated the Start-up Final Year Project. A total of 14 projects were identified and provided with pre-incubation status and accounted as final year project in the last 2 years. Several companies were started as an outcome of this initiative. XeA Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore a start-up from our student Mr. Jithin Sunny has already launched its flagship product ED-EN.PRO (Education-Enhanced) on 21st January 2021.  Mr. Siddharth Goel has established his start-up named Assistaid Health Care Pvt Ltd, Bangalore and Mr. Srinivas Kini has incubated his start-up named VAJRR at MUTBI Manipal.

Individual Start-up Initiatives

  • Mr. Dhruv Suri, a graduate from Aeronautical Engg co-founded the Candela Energy, a last mile distribution organization providing access to life-improving products in rural areas. He has been selected for MS at Stanford University, under prestigious Knight-Hennessy Scholarship.
  • Ms. Akshatha Kamath, a graduate from Computer Science & Engineering has developed a platform called ‘SantaNet’ to connect the underprivileged orphans with motivated volunteers. She is also selected for MS at Stanford University, under prestigious Knight-Hennessy Scholarship
  • Mr. Sahas Gembali, an alumnus of MIT (2014-18) is an electronics systems validation engineer at the motherboard development team at Intel. He developed the Sound Fields Internet of Things platform over a span of 7 months to enable Svaram a UNESCO recognized NGO, that provides vocational training to villagers and then employs them in the manufacture of uniquely designed instruments and sound art installations. MIT family is proud of his contributions to the society and hope it goes a long way in supporting this vulnerable section of the population.
  • Mr. Mohammed Dilshaad Uzair, Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Mr. Manorath Khanna, Mr Pratik Pradeep Kumar, and Kollipara Venkata Amulya worked extensively during the COVID Pandemic with SOCIIO Ichor and connected potential donors with compatible patients who needed convalescent plasma and helped to bridge the gap between the donors and the patients. They have developed a website in a short duration  to support the cause: https://plasmadonation.sociio.org/

E-Cell MIT Manipal

E-Cell MIT Manipal has been established with a vision to empower entrepreneurship by promoting a vibrant start-up ecosystem and facilitating budding students to develop their ideas. The mission of the E-Cell is to act as a one-stop destination for all students looking to convert their ideas into viable start-ups and to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among young minds.

Proposed Activities of E-Cell

  • E-Cell would act as a bridge between students with ideas and people with expertise in Manipal Institute of Technology. The following activities are proposed-
  • Creating a network of experts and provide mentor support to students who want to develop their business ideas.
  • Providing the students' access to the alumni network of MIT.
  • Referring students with mature ideas to MUTBI for pre-incubation and funding.
  • Increasing the ground outreach and awareness about various government policies for innovation and start-ups.
  • Conducting events and activities to promote the entrepreneurship ecosystem on-campus: Mentorship meets, Workshops, E-summits, case study competitions, B-model competitions, etc.

E-Cell Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sriram K V

Email: kv.sriram@manipal.edu