• /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1953.00.00 Dr Pai with PM Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri's visit to Manipal1.jpg 1953

    Dr TMA Pai with former Prime Minister Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri at the inauguration of KMC Manipal, India’s 1st pvt medical college.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1969-kmc-history.jpg 1955

    Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore opens. Clinical facilities at the Govt Wenlock Hospital, as shown above.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1957.05.11%20Manipal%20Engineering%20College%20inauguration%20by%20Sri%20S%20Nijalingappa1.jpg 1957


    Manipal Engineering College (now Manipal Institute of Technology), Manipal starts.


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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1962-history-nursing.jpg 1959


    School of Nursing, Manipal starts. Above image shows the first batch of Diploma Nursing at the annual function, 1962.


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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1961-kmc-history.jpg 1960

    Kasturba General Hospital inaugurates.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/pharmacy-college.png 1963

    College of Pharmacy, now Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal starts.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1973(1965)-history-mcods.jpg 1965

    College of Dental Surgery (now MCODS), Manipal begins. Above image shows Dr TMA Pai during one of his visits to the college.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/valley-view.png 1968

    Valley View International Health Club (now Fortune Inn Valley View) launches.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/12.png 1973

    Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi inaugurating the Dr AV Baliga Institute of Surgery.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1979-kmc-history.jpg 1978


    KMC celebrates silver jubilee. Above image shows one of the scientific sessions during the year long celebration.


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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1984.png 1984

    Ramakrishna Hegde, former Chief Minister, Karnataka inaugurates Dr TMA Pai Health Complex (now Dr TMA Pai Hospital), Udupi.

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    The College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Studies (CHARMS) establishes in October 1986 as a unit of the Dr TMA Pai Foundation. In August 1987, the Foundation joins hands with Welcomgroup, the Hotels division of ITC Ltd and the college gets renamed the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA).

  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1987-history-tmapairh.jpg 1987

    Foundation stone laid for TMA Pai Rotary Hospital, Udupi. Also, College of Dental Surgery (now MCODS), Mangalore begins.

    light-theme 1987
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    Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal begins as College of Nursing, Manipal.

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    KMC Hospital at Attavar, Mangalore starts functioning as a teaching hospital.

  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1993-history-mahe.jpg 1993

    Manipal Academy of Higher Education awarded Deemed University status by GOI, and is renamed Manipal University.

    light-theme 1993
  • light-theme


    International Centre for Applied Sciences, Manipal starts.


  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/picture1387.png 1997

    Manipal Institute of Communication (now SOC), Manipal begins. Melaka Manipal Medical College - Manipal Campus also starts.

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    School of Information Sciences, Manipal starts.

  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/stamp.png 1999

    Dr TMA Pai's birth centenary stamp releases. MCOAHS (now SOAHS), Manipal and MIM (now SOM), Manipal establishes.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/campus dubai.jpg 2000

    Manipal University Dubai Campus starts. Melaka Manipal Medical College - Melaka Campus also begins.


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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2003-kmc-history-golden.jpg 2003

    Golden Jubilee of Kasturba Medical College and Manipal Education and Medical Group.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2006-history-sols.jpg 2006


    School of Life Sciences, Manipal opens.


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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2007-history-sorm.jpg 2007


    School of Regenerative Medicine, Bangalore starts.


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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/marena.png 2010

    World class indoor sports complex MARENA launches in Manipal and Faculty of Architecture, Manipal gets carved out of MIT.

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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/padma-bushan.png 2011


    MU Chancellor and President Dr Ramdas Pai awarded Padma Bhushan. He is also honoured with Malaysian title ‘Datuk’.


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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2012-history-map.jpg 2012



    Renovated Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, Manipal.



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  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/2013-kmc-history.jpg 2013

    Kasturba Medical College and Manipal Group celebrates Diamond Jubilee.

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