Manipal Academy of Higher Education has a state-of-the-art data centre spread over 3000 sq. ft., with a server park and Network Operation Centre (NOC), hosting enterprise applications, the eLearning portal, websites and a host of other services. 


PeopleSoft IT application has been installed in its institutions at Manipal, Mangalore and Malaysia. Manipal Academy of Higher Education is the first university in India to launch PeopleSoft applications.

PeopleSoft application is a comprehensive enterprise-wide software that covers all aspects of management and operations of a modern university system. Manipal Academy of Higher Education has implemented the Finance and Human Resources Management System. The PeopleSoft ERP application provides crucial management information in real-time to aid efficient decision making.

Through PeopleSoft, the best of global practices are employed to access information - anywhere, anytime.


The eLearning initiative, in the Manipal and Mangalore campuses, is an attempt to enable students to learn at their own pace, and style. The e-learning courses provide an interactive, multi-sensory experience, combining the simplicity of classroom teaching with a powerful visual medium. 

The multimedia content has been prepared by the faculty, is interactive, and allows the student to test his understanding by taking online tests at the end of each chapter. It is available on Wi-Fi networks in most places on the campus.


A VPN network connects all Manipal Group of institutions in India and abroad with high-performance MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) backbone – a committed step towards a digital university.

This solution provides for high flexibility in not only adding new sites and locations, but also in adding new services like video conferencing, VoIP etc. Manipal GWC is highly secure, scalable and provides high uptimes with redundancies built into solution.


Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are high-speed, graphical, computer network systems for the storage, retrieval, and display of radiology images. With the development of integrated health care systems supported by the appropriate information infrastructures, PACS can be implemented over distant networks to provide remote access to patient information and to support one of the most promising forms of telemedicine -  tele-radiology.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education has implemented PACS in one of its premier teaching hospitals, so that film-less diagnosis, simultaneous multi location viewing, post processing manipulations, user defined set up, HIS/RIS/PACS integration, and tele-radiology can be accessed by its medical community. 


The entire campus provides wired or wireless infrastructure to provide access to information and so that students remain connected to the internet, eLearning and information portals through the high-speed internet gateway. Internet kiosks also have been established in key locations. 


Manipal Academy of Higher Education provides laptops to all its faculty members to promote innovative teaching methods and research activities.


A high speed internet gateway of 14 Mbps through the BSNL STM ring and 100 Mbps from Bharti Airtel gateway is available in the Manipal campus. All the institutions under Manipal group fall under the Domain Controller and Active Directory (AD) infrastructure to support group policy implementation and remote management services. Manipal Academy of Higher Education has around 2,000 email users and counting.


The entire campus is unwired with a two-layer secure wireless architecture - core and access network. This provides seamless connectivity across the entire campus and users can access the network from anywhere in the campus, both indoor and outdoor. The Wi-Fi mesh network is designed to provide wireless broadband Internet services, branded as I-ON, to about 10,000 students on the campus with the help of Motorola canopy equipment (access points and subscriber modules).

This wireless infrastructure is used to access all IP based services as well as value added services (VAS) such as IPTV, videoconferencing, VoIP and any other converged multi-media services. 

Dr H S Ballal, Pro Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, won the "IBM Achiever Award" from IBM, for being a leader in using IT in higher education space.