Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences is a department which engages with interdisciplinary teaching and research with a view to developing alternative knowledge systems to deal with contemporary crises. The Centre engages with intersectionality of aesthetics, philosophy, ecology, journalism, Gandhian and peace studies.


The Centre offers :


a)      A post-graduate degree – MA in Ecosophical Aesthetics – first of its kind anywhere, is a two-year programme to fulfill the need for ‘art writers’. It is essentially ‘art journalism from ecosophical perspective’. Ecosophy combines ecology and philosophy. The programme includes a philosophical appreciation of all art forms – music, dance, literature, theatre, cinema, painting etc with a focus on writing and ecosophy is the connecting thread. Anyone with graduation or equivalent degree can take up this programme.


b)      An evening certificate programme in Gandhian and Peace Studies: Anyone with 10+2 qualification can take up this course.


c)       PhD programme: All regulations mentioned in University website will be applicable.