Master of Arts (MA) in Ecosophical Aesthetics

First of its kind anywhere, is a two-year programme to fulfill the need for ‘art writers’. It is essentially ‘art journalism from ecosophical perspective’. Ecosophy combines ecology and philosophy. The programme includes a philosophical appreciation of all art forms – music, dance, literature, theatre, cinema, painting etc with a focus on writing and ecosophy is the connecting thread. Anyone with graduation or equivalent degree can take up this programme.

The professional possibilities include

1.      Journalism, Media and Communication

2.      Socio-cultural, political, environmental (national/international) sector

3.      Academics and Research

4.      Policy Research organisations

5.       International Relations agencies 

6.       Publishing




2 years 

Key Dates & Deadlines


Sun May 30 2021

May ' 21

Last date to Apply


Jul ' 21

Tentative Course Commencement Date

Next Steps

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