Research expertise in MIRM is geared towards  enabling a plethora of topics ranging from cancers, neurodegeneration, cardiovascular diseases, immunobiology and diabetes. Development of stem cell derived disease specific models are used to study disease stages. Simple, durable and cost intensive strategies for developing disease models are being developed using adult stem cells. Unique targets for drug resistant cancer stem cells are also being developed. Cancer stem cell based drug screening platform are being developed to target the drug resistant and metastatic cancer cells. In addition, immunobiology applications of stem cells, stem cell derived therapeutics such as exosomes, induced pluripotent stem cell disease models are also areas of active development for clinical applications.

Programs offered

M.Sc. Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Biology:

The program is conducted over 4 semesters, Semester 1 & 2 comprise of theory and practical teaching of key fundamental concepts of biology with major focus on stem cell technology and regenerative biology. In semesters 3 & 4 the students will be trained in advanced elective projects.

P. G. Diploma Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Biology :

 The advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine exposes students to theory and practicals in advanced biological concepts with major focus on Stem cell Biology and Regenerative medicine along with a 3 months mini project. 

PhD programs : 

  1. Cardiac regeneration
  2. Biomaterials
  3. Immune biology of stem cells
  4. Neuro degeneration
  5. Induced pluripotent stem cells
  6. Cancer stem cells
  7. Liver regeneration
  8. Congenital disease models
  9. 3D bioprinting