Course Description


·         Varma Therapy (Varma vaidyam) is a branch of Traditional Siddha Medicine (TSM), developed by Maharishi Agastyar, the Father of TSM, and spread to China through Siddhar Bogar and Bodhidharma.

·         This unique drugless healing method involves manipulation of > 500 varma (energy) points located along the 12 energy (naadi) channels that nourish 72,000 energy branches to keep every organs healthy. There are > 120 Siddha Varma palm manuscript literature available.  

·         Varma therapy is applied using healers’ hands without any instruments; hence it is cost effective and applied in any situation.

·         This course is the first of its kind in India with classroom teaching of classical Siddha Varma literature, seminars, demonstrations from experienced Siddha Varma physicians, clinical exposure and hands on experience in treating patients.

·         Students will learn the   fundamentals of Siddha Varmam science, locating therapeutic varma points, traumatic sequalae of each points, health benefits of each points, various manipulation techniques of each points,  external therapies (varma massage, cupping, dharai, thalam, herbal pack treatment, oleation therapy, Siddha Yoga, Varma Asanam, Varma meditation, spine alignment), treatment protocol for common conditions, etc.  

·         This can be used as a complementary therapy along with other treatments in pain management, musculo-skeleto-neuronal disorders, sports injuries, all chronic conditions, preventive care, and wellness protocols.    



·      To disseminate the original flavor of ancient Indian Siddhar’s (Yogis) health treasure

·      To equipe the healthcare professionals to use the Siddha Varma therapy with necessary skills and theoretical understanding  


Career Prospectus

·      Set up own Siddha Varma therapy center

·      Set up Siddha Varma Wellness and Rejuvenation center

·      Work as Siddha Varma therapist in hospitals and clinics

·      Tutoring in colleges and universities

·      Involving in research 

Key Dates & Deadlines


Aug 31 23

Aug ' 23

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date


6 months


The Department of Neurology has EEG/ENMG Labs.

Libraries have excellent resources for reference and study

Teaching hospitals give students hands-on learning

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