Department of Languages

The Department of Languages (formerly Centre for Languages) specializes in developing innovative academic programs and knowledge pathways in the domain of languages and culture studies. Today, the increasing international character of the social, political or economic spheres provide exciting opportunities for study and work across sectors such as travel and tourism, diplomatic services, education, corporate world, entertainment, and communications, to name a few. Keeping this in mind, the study of foreign languages and cultural mediation are focus areas at our institution and are infused with the objectives of creating the required academic capital for facilitating a deeper engagement of India with the wider world and expanding learning and career avenues for students.

The Department of Languages shares its history with both Manipal Centre for European Studies and the Alliance Française de Bangalore – Manipal Chapter, which were pioneering initiatives by MAHE in 2009 to further the cause of international higher education. The Centre for (Foreign) Languages was established in 2016 to accentuate already ongoing endeavors by the Centre for European Studies in the field of languages and India-Europe higher education collaborations. More than 5000 students have benefitted from language classes through the Centre and its institutional partners over the years. In April 2019, the Centre was reconstituted as a Department and as a specialized academic unit to further enhance the scope of foreign language and cultural mediation studies in India.

The Department’s study modules revolve around six interlinked clusters: language and linguistics, cultural mediation, literary studies, governance and cultural diplomacy, heritage and sustainability, and research and projects. This multi-perspectival orientation provides a unique platform for students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to integrate their interests in both languages and dimensions of international studies that are of relevance today. The languages that form part of the course offerings at the Department, both as full-time and certificate courses, comprise French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Sanskrit, Kannada, and Hindi

Our Programs


BA ELIS aims at transforming your passion for learning new languages and discovering diverse cultures into graduate attributes that have a wide scope of application for both further studies and professional enhancement. The innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum of the program includes specialization tracks in French, German, and Spanish, which creatively intersect with studies in cultural mediation, history, literature, diplomacy, and other topical subjects in the liberal arts and humanities. This original approach within foreign language studies programs in India allows you to acquire knowledge and skills to engage meaningfully with the global processes of today.


The thrust areas of the program include interdisciplinary modules in:

  • Foreign Language Acquisition with specializations in French, German, or Spanish (CEFR B2 Level), as well as auxiliary studies in Japanese, Polish, or Italian
  • Intercultural Mediation
  • Comparative Sociocultural dimensions of languages
  • Literary Studies and History
  • Praxis in Arts and Heritage
  • Cultural Diplomacy
  • Research and Projects

Career prospects

  • National and international organisations
  • Teaching activities (schools, colleges and universities)
  • Research and projects (academia and think-tanks)
  • Translation initiatives
  • Publication fields
  • Consultancy engagements
  • Cultural institutions

Certificate Courses and Open Electives

Every year, more than 2000 learners across 8 MAHE institutions take up cerificate courses and open electives launched by Department of Languages. In collaboration with our partners: Alliance Française de Bangalore Chapter - Manipal Chapter, Instituto Cervantes - New Delhi, and Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), we offer beginner to intermediate level courses in European languages: French, Spanish, German, and Polish.

In addition, language and culture enthusiasts are welcome to participate in our uniquely designed Kannada and Hindi language modules. A section of these creative courses focus on 'conversation' and equip learners with essential, practical speaking and comprehension skills to navigate their way in local communities.

Consultancy Services

The Department of Languages provides consultation on aspects related to language education and designing language teaching curricula for diverse learning groups. We also undertake translation and interpretation services in European and Indian languages. Find glimpses of our work in our triannual magazine, Glottoscapes

Please write to us at for more information on our services.