Frequently asked questions about Manipal College of Nursing.

What is the accreditation for the Manipal College of Nursing (MCON)?

From where can I get admission related information?

What are the various career options after earning a degree from MCON?

What is the teaching methodology at MCON?

Can a foreign national apply to MCON?

Does MCON have any tie-ups?

Are there any internship or training opportunities during the course?

B.Sc Nursing

Is there a checklist of required material for admission?

Is there any type of financial support / scholarship given by University?

Must I live in campus?

What extracurricular opportunities are available?

What are the security measures in place at Manipal campus

What is the Dress Code?

How successful are MCON Manipal students in finding employment after graduation?

Placement Opportunities?

M Sc Nursing What are the specialties offered for M.Sc. Nursing PG Course?

P B Diploma in Nursing What are the specialties offered for PB Diploma in Nursing?

Benefits of studying PB Diploma in Nursing?

M.Phil. Nursing(Part Time)/ PhD Nursing What is M.Phil. Nursing?

Whether M.Phil. Nursing offered by Manipal Academy of Higher Education is part time?

Can I complete the course by distance education?

I am a final year postgraduate Nursing student; Can I apply for M.Phil. Nursing before my University results got published?

I am an Indian citizen with Foreign nursing qualification, can I apply for M.Phil. Nursing at Manipal Academy of Higher Education?

What is the process of admission in Foreign/NRI category?