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Kamath MG, Pai CG, Kamath A, Kurien A. Comparing acid steatocrit and faecal elastase estimations for use in M-ANNHEIM staging for pancreatitis. World J Gastroenterol. 2017; 23(12): 2217-2222

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Focused Research Areas

Variations in Default Mode Network of Brain among Rajayoga Meditators, Non-Meditators and Patients with Migraine Disorder– An In-depth Voxel Based Morphometric Analytical Study of sMRI and fMRI

Brain MRI picture Structural and functional brain alterations in MRI of Rajyoga Meditators, In-depth analysis of structural and functional MRI of meditators, non-meditators and migraine patents may provide a better understanding about the neural plastic and changes in the brain network in meditators and migraine patients when compared with non-meditators.


Behavioural studies: Learning and memory using various animal models.

Environmental enrichment: Using different objects like tubes, running wheel, ladder, cubes etc.

Quality of Life and Treatment Adherence of HIV/AIDS patients( Udupi district) 

Study is about the  different factors which affects the Quality of life of HIV/AIDS patients as well as studying their clinical parameters, opportunistic infections, treatment aspects including Adherence and reasons for Non Adherence. This  work also involves development of an educational tool and testing its effectiveness in  improving quality of life and treatment adherence of these patients. This research work will not only identify issues in the community of People living with HIV/AIDS but also help in improving their overall quality of life.

Drug discovery, Traditional Medicines, Siddha Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Traditional medicines for Cancer, Psorisais, skin diseases, infertility, renal calculi.

Mentored Student Project (MSP)

Student research project under the guidance of their mentor.

Resources & Support

Reseacrh Forum

To undertake a research permission ethical clearance has to be obtained from Human and Animal ethical Committee.

For animal research good Central Animal House is providing the animals. Proper training is given to handle the animals. Well-equipped Biochemistry and Pharmacology labs can be used for the study across the institutes under MAHE.

For Human study, subjects are the patients or volunteers from the community.

Faculty are encouraged to write the research grants. Seed money is given from the MAHE to initiate the study.