Undergraduate Medical Students of Melaka Manipal Medical College undertake small research projects in conjunction with their medical education, with the help of their faculty mentors. This process which is called as Mentored Student Project (MSP) is intended to help students develop their research skills alongside their basic curriculum. A number of such research works have been published in various journals, few of which have been listed below.

The Relationship between Dermatoglypic Pattern of Right Thumb and Physical Health of Medical Students: A Cross-sectional Study.

This study was carried out to correlate dermatoglypic patterns with physical health. The study concluded that, percentage occurrence of common health problems like allergies, hair fall, acne and usage of spectacles was high among the students with loop pattern mainly ulnar loop.

Student authors: Jeevan Velan, Ng Leong Shern, Loi Fuang Zoung, Abihirami Jeyarajan

Mentors: Satheesha Nayak B, Ms. Ashwini Aithal P

Name of the Journal: Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Study of lung function on construction workers

This study was carried out to assess lung functions in construction workers. The study concluded that, morbidity among the construction workers varied with type of work at the construction site and comorbid factors such as smoking.

Student authors: Subbramaniam Venkatachalam, Ashriina Nair, Buwanesswaran Elangu, Periyaiyadever Samuganathan

Mentors: Dr. Shobha  K L, Dr. Amita Shobha  Rao, Dr. Barathi S Subramaniam

Name of the Journal: International Journal of Health

Does Ear Morphology Establish Automatic Extraction of Soft Biometric Traits

This study intended to correlate the external ear parameters (Total ear height, Lobular width and Lobular height) with biometric parameters (Height, Head circumference and shoulder breadth) of individuals of different Ethnic Group and to correlate the linear measurements of the external ear within individuals of different ethnic groups.

This study was published in February, 2019

This study reported that, there exists a correlation between person’s height to his or her total ear height. Correlation of ear morphometry to the head circumference and shoulder length of an individual varied in various ethnic groups. Correlation between different linear measurements of the ear in different ethnic groups also varied. The knowledge of external ear morphometry to the physical characteristics of an individual is necessary for reconstructive surgeries

Student authors: Siow Jia Cheng , Tung Chia Hao , Khor See Ming , Kethan Skantha

Mentor: Dr. Bincy M G

Name of the Journal: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research

Dermatoglyphics: A prediction tool for dental caries

This study intended to investigate the role of dermatoglyphics in predicting the susceptibility of individuals to develop dental caries

This study was published in February, 2016

The study reported that subjects who had arch type of pattern on right thumb and left thumb were found to be caries free compared to loop and whorl pattern. Subjects with whorl pattern on the left thumb and right had DMFT > 3 compared to loop and arch.

Student authors: Abigail Renee Johnli, Siti Nabila Adilah Binti Md Nor, Amirah Binti Haron, Nur Fatihah Binti Mohd, Lavinia Gunasegaram, Muhammad Nur Taufiq Bin Mustafa, Nor Hafizah Ain Binti Mohd

Mentor: Dr. Smitha S Shetty

Name of the Journal: International Journal of Dental Research

Effect of oil pulling on oral health – A microbiological study.

This study intended to evaluate the effects of oil pulling with coconut oil and compare its efficacy with chlorohexidine mouth wash.

 This study was published in January, 2019

This study reported that oil pulling therapy and use of chlorohexidine mouthwash showed reduction in plaque formation and number of colony forming units.

Student authors: Darrien Ray Quays, Justina John,Ng See Yee, Daneshwary A/P  Appu ,Lim Meng Tze,Tee Shin Cheun, Ahaliaa a/p Sachchithanantham ,Sacha Miriam Augustus

Mentor: Dr. Smitha S Shetty

Name of the Journal: Research journal of Pharmacy and technology