Overview of Department

MAHE MILES offers a unique approach to the entrepreneurship journey, through experiential learning. It organises lecture series by successful leading entrepreneurs, who share with students how they were born and developed. This practice takes students out of the classroom and encourages interaction with multiple successful entrepreneurs and VC's, thereby encouraging participants' leadership skills with hands-on experiences, networking, and mentoring.


MILES addresses all essential aspects of building your own business.


This approach to learning shall foster entrepreneurship development that extends beyond just academia and fast-tracks the entrepreneurship careers of participants. 

Bedrock of MILES



Entrepreneurs are made or born?

Nature or Nurture




A plethora of start-ups has germinated in college dorms.



The desire to become an entrepreneur is more in students, and it disappears over the years.




Risk-taking appetite is more with students, they become risk-averse later.



Universities play a dominant role in developing entrepreneurship.



Incubators & Accelerators significantly increase the probability of new venture creation.


1. Entrepreneurship:

• Create a five-level structured program on Entrepreneurship / for internal students and external entrepreneurs.

• Develop alliances with investors, enterprises, and technologists to create a vibrant start-up ecosystem. 

2. Innovation:

• Establish Centres of Innovation with the Industry/Industry bodies to develop solutions for futuristic problem statements and evangelize new technologies, leveraging the student and faculty pool of the University. 

• Curate structured academic courses on Innovation for (a) students and (b) for mid-level industry professionals to be rendered in partnership with Industry leaders.


·Raghupathi Cavale – Founding Director of MILES

He is leading this program and brings his vast industry perspective to the program of this nature. He also teaches as an adjunct faculty at MIT.


He is also the India Mentor of FalconX at Milpitas, a US-based incubator specializing in helping start-ups on their cross-border journey. He advises Global Environment Fund, South Asia a PE fund on their digital investments. Raghu also advises a major telco on their cloud business and is on the advisory board of several start-ups in geospatial technology, software performance management, etc.

Raghu is on the Board of GITA-Global Innovation and Technology Alliance, a CII-Government of India company and INCLEN (International Clinical Epidemiological Network)

Prior to this Raghu was a Senior Adviser at Infosys Ltd till early September 2022. He retired from Infosys as Senior VP and Head of India Business in September 2021. Raghu has the experience of leading large digital transformation projects like Income-Tax, GST, MCA21, APDRP, etc. In his 20+ years at Infosys, Raghu led business in the USA for a while.

An active participant in public policy debate and formulation, he was a part of major committees in the Power and Transport Sector.

Prior to his 25-year career in the digital world, he spent 13 years designing and building power plants and chemical plants.



·Ashwath Anand Rao – Asst Professor of Commerce, MILES

Ashwath is a Chartered Accountant with about 25 years of corporate experience spanning across corporate audits, accounting, business reporting & review, and budgetary control (CAPEX & OPEX). During his tenure in the industry, he has led teams on large-scale ERP implementations. One of the early entrants in the ITES industry, he has spearheaded process migrations and converted them into steady-state operations, managing customer expectations and delivering as per agreed SLA’s.

He has dived into classrooms from the corporate board room & is happy to share his industry experience and knowledge with the Gen Z, he has taught subjects like international accounting standards, auditing, and financial and corporate reporting. He was a business advisor at the Incubation Centre at MAHE, Manipal, responsible for mentoring and guiding young budding entrepreneurs.

Currently he has assumed a wider role in the centre MILES, based out of MAHE, Bengaluru campus and strives to develop an effective ecosystem of Innovation & entrepreneurship across all MAHE institutions. 

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You’ll learn how to :

  • Evaluate your entrepreneurial idea and build a business model around your idea.
  • Learn to manage risk and reward with experimentation.
  • Define goals for your business with measurable milestones.
  • Identify business opportunities and differentiate your company.
  • Plan business logistics and go-to-market strategies.
  • Pitch your ideas to investors, employees, and customers.

More Details

MILES has developed a vibrant eco-system for entrepreneurs to flourish.

MILES is offering a 5-level structured program on entrepreneurship across multiple courses for students and external entrepreneurs.

MILES program helps students to come up with disruptive innovation, in the emerging cutting-edge domains like 5G, AI in healthcare, Agri-Tech etc.

All programs @ MILES are curated and delivered by leading Industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Course Structure

1. Entrepreneurship @ MILES

The 5 levels-

Level A (40 hours)

Guest lecture series by entrepreneurs who have been there, done that, and tasted success. Students and budding entrepreneurs shall stand to gain a lot by listening to their entrepreneurial journey, rather than classroom teaching. IE is best taught through experiential learning. A few such sessions shall ignite the entrepreneurial spark.

Level B (60 hours)

Students and young entrepreneurs possess expertise in their chosen field but lack hugely in business experience, which is an essential skill set. MILES proposes to bridge this gap by introducing a certification course, curated, and conducted by hands-on Industry professionals, on must-know topics like Finance, Accounting, Product and Service costing, Compliance, Patents, Sales & Marketing, building an organization (HR skills), etc. These courses shall equip participants with crisp ready reckoner for practical business situations which is faced by every entrepreneur in his journey.

Level C (90 hours)

Select a pathway and choose a vertical stage. Students after basic education are required to choose streams for further studies like science, pure math, management, etc. Miles also prompts its students to choose a pathway:










Miles endeavours to make these pathways dynamic, and constantly add courses as demanded by the latest Industry trends in the field of IE. These are micro-level certification courses, curated and delivered by Industry leaders from the relevant field of specialization, focusing on Industry trends and scope for IE in the vertical. 

Level D (40 Hours)

An entrepreneur after bootstrapping and exhausting grants money eventually knocks at the doors of a venture capitalist for funds. MILES exposes students to intense one-week sessions conducted by masters who are VCs themselves. These classes de-mystify the VC jargon like pre-money, term sheet, B-Plans, Series A, B, C…, elevator pitch, business valuation, cap-table, and the list goes on…. One shall understand the expectation of VC’s while fundraising.

Level E – Accelerator / Incubation

MILES provides incubation and accelerator services to start-ups. This includes helping them get grants, making them VC ready and providing VC connects, and mentoring on GTM strategy.

2.    Innovation @ MILES


Innovation is the ability to think and act beyond the status quo.


Disruptive Innovation, a term coined by Clayton Christensen (the father of Innovation), a process by which a product or service begins at the bottom of the market, and then relentlessly moves upwards, eventually displacing established competitors. Some of the examples are Land line vs Cellular phones, Digital camera has disrupted traditional cameras.


One can Innovate in almost all areas, MILES shall stimulate students to think differently in 6 different pathways




AI - Healthcare

Smart grids


Public health delivery


MILES shall constantly endeavour to innovate and add more pathways for Innovation based on Industry needs.


These programs shall be a 15-hour module, curated and rendered by Industry leaders from the relevant field, which shall make students aware of the current Industry trends and educate them on the scope for Innovation and GTM strategy.