To germinate an unrivaled metamorphosis of intellect in an inclusive, multidisciplinary, flourishing community of learners and researchers, who would inculcate the human values of integrity and sustainability, in pursuit of excellence in the contemporary field of legal education and practice worldwide.


Manipal Law School of MAHE, consistent with our distinctive heritage and historic strength, fostering diversity, equity, gender justice, environmental sustainability, interdisciplinary dissemination of knowledge focusing on Technology and Law, involving diverse stakeholders seeks: 

· To attain the highest standards of legal education on par with inclusive and universal sustainable strategies in achieving skills such as legal analysis and application of law to facilitate legal argumentation

· To enable the scholars to acquire knowledge leading to intellectual transformation with a passionate humane touch, emphasizing legal research writing, skills to conduct independent legal research, and the ability to produce quality writings of professional standards.  

· To promote a transparent and conducive atmosphere for quality legal scholarship and community outreach activities leading to holistic human development through Legal aid

· To produce professionals with ethical values and an adequate blend of industry competencies, fostering societal transformation  

· To encourage experientially and service learning for the effective clinical legal scholarship with mandatory components of internships

Graduate Attributes

  1. Academic: Academic and Professional Excellence concerning domain expertise, critical and analytical problem-solving skills, research skills, application of knowledge, self and continuous learning, Creative thought, employability, and practical skills.

2. Personal: Integrity, humility, adaptability, tolerance, respect, positive attitude.

3. Inter-personal: Leadership, dynamism, empathy, team-building skills, inclusiveness, self-confidence, and communication skills. 

4. Societal: Social sensitivity, law-abiding, civic sense, respecting diversity, environmental sensitivity.