Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya

Assistant Professor and Coordinator

Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya (Srini) is an Assistant Professor and heads the Department of Philosophy (DoP) at MAHE, where he oversees an interdisciplinary research project MAHE Mahabharata – computational analyses using Sanskrit Computational Linguistics in Digital Humanities. He continues to serve the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES), Department of Languages (DoL) and Manipal Universal Press (MUP) alongside DoP, since their inception. He pursues teaching and research in Indian discourses on ethics, epistemology, metaphysics and linguistics. He is a beneficiary of the prestigious Erasmus+ Teaching Fellowship from the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Spain (2018) and was invited to deliver talks at European universities - Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany (2018), Metropolitní Univerzita Praha (MUP), Czechia (2015) and Latvijas Universitāte (LU), Latvia (2015). He is also a co-recipient of the Indo-Canadian Shastri grant with the University of Toronto (UoT), Canada (2021-23) for the collaborative research on Indian dialectics and argumentation. He has been instrumental in bringing out scholarly translations and publications on Indian philosophy and literature with MUP. Apart from penning a few publications, he conducted international summer schools, conferences, workshops and MILAP lit-fest by hosting scholars around the world. He developed two master’s programs in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit studies at Manipal; followed by his 15 years of training in Purnaprajna Vidyapitha Sanskrit College (affiliated to Karnataka Sanskrit University KSU), Bengaluru where he completed two masters’ in logic and aesthetics, and studied philosophy under the tutelage of Sri Vishvesha Tirtha. He also holds another master’s in Sanskrit and a bachelor’s in library and information sciences (BLISc) from Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), Mysuru. Further, he pursued his PhD (2010-21) in Nyaya philosophy at Central Sanskrit University (CSU), New Delhi, under the guidance of Prof Dr Prahalada Char, Prof Dr Pandurangi and Prof Dr Varakhedi. The doctoral research thesis, written in Sanskrit, involves a textual analysis of a 16th-century seminal work dealing with the philosophy of language in Indian epistemology.

Qualification: PhD in Navya-Nyaya; MA in Navya-Nyaya, Alankara and Sanskrit; BA in Navya-Nyaya; BLISc in Library and Information Sciences; PG Diploma in Tantra-shastra (Pravara & Pravina); Diploma in Computer Applications; Certificate course - French and German (A1)


    Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya is an Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) and Coordinator of the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal.  He also works with Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Manipal Centre for European Studies, Department of Languages and Manipal Universal Press.
    He is involved in teaching the following courses in other colleges:
    • European Philosophy for MA European Studies, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Manipal Centre for European Studies
    • Research Methods in Social Sciences (Qualitative) for MA European Studies,  Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Manipal Centre for European Studies
    • Basics in Linguistics for BA Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies 
    • Indian Textual Traditions for BA Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies
    • Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages for BA Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies 
    • Introduction to Indian Ethics and Epics (interfaculty open elective) for BTech at MIT
    • Introduction to Indian Philosophy for Manipal Centre for Health Professionals
    • Indian Epistemology for DVK&Christ, Bengaluru
    • Certificate Course in Bhagavadgita (open for interested) 


    He involved in the following International and National projects -

    Ongoing -
    • Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence MCES - course on Ethics and epics: Indian and European discourses co-organised by DoP with MCES
      (funded by European Commission)
    • Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence MCES - summer school on Conscience and Consciousness: Indian discourses on ethics and epistemology
      (funded by European Commission)
    • UKIERI - summer school on ethics and epics: discourses on morality co-organised by DoP with British Council
      (funded by UKIERI, UK)
    • Grammatical Analysis of Mahabharata (Adiparva)
      (funded by Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi)
    • Translating and editing of Bhagavadgita-bhashya and Bhagavadgita-tatparyanirnaya to be published by Manipal University Press 

    Completed -

    • Computational Analysis of Mahabharata and Tatparyanirnaya (funded by Manipal University) as Project Head
    • Digitising and Proofing of Mahabharata Sastri-Vavilla Edition
      (funded by Vedavyasa Samshodhana Kendra, Subrahmanya)


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MA Vidvaduttama Navyanyaya Navya-nyaya (Indian neo-logic) philosophy Purnaprajna Vidyapitha Sanskrit College, Bengaluru 2009
MA Vidvaduttama Alankara Alankara-shastra (Sanskrit poetics/rhetorics) Purnaprajna Vidyapitha Sanskrit College, Bengaluru 2012
MA Sanskrit Sanskrit language, literature, linguistics and philosophy Karnataka State Open University 2010


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Purnaprajna Vidyapitha Sanskrit College, Bengaluru Lecturer Teaching - Nyaya philosophy, Sanskrit literature, English language and Sanskrit-Computers 2010-11
Purnaprajna Vidyapitha Sanskrit College, Bengaluru Project team member - Sanskrit Hindi Machine Translation SHMT Sanskrit e-corpus proofing and editing 2010-11
Ramavitthala (Vidyapitha) Shikshana Seva Samiti, New Delhi Teacher Teaching - Sanskrit language, grammar, literature and Vedas 2009-10


Area of Interest

Indian philosophy - Nyaya and Dvaita, Sanskrit studies - language, linguistics and literature, Vedic studies - Upanishat (Vedanta)

Area of Expertise

Indian philosophy and epics, Sanskrit language, Linguistics, Poetics and Literature

Area of Research

Indian philosophy - Nyaya and Dvaita (epistemology and philosophy of language), Sanskrit epic literature, PhD pursuing in Navya-Nyaya (philosophy of language and textual criticism - manuscriptology)