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MAHE Webinars

MAHE Webinar Schedule

MAHE will be conducting program & course specific webinars to help you understand the program eligibility requirements, admission process, program structure / contents, core subjects, program / open electives, internship / placement / semester abroad opportunities, campus life and other value additions the institute / university and Manipal has to offer.


Faculty from the respective institute / department / program will be the resource persons, and will be addressing all your queries, as you ask them. Click on the program name to register for the webinar. Its free and all you need is good internet connectivity, you can join in using your deskptop / tablet / smartphone and headphones for better audio. 


Day, Date


Program name (Click to register)

Tuesday, Jan 15

11 AM, IST

BDes (Interior Design), BDes (Fashion Design) @ DOD, BSc Animation@ SOC

2.30 PM, IST

BSc Biotechnology @ SOLS Manipal

Wednesday, Jan 17

11 AM, IST

BSc Nursing @ MCON Manipal


BA Foreign Language & Intercultural Studies @ DES Manipal

Friday, Jan 18

10.30 AM, IST

BTech Computer Stream (CC, CS, IT) @ MIT Manipal

2.30 PM, IST

BTech Mechanical Stream (AE, AU, IP, ME, MT) @ MIT Manipal

Tuesday, Jan 22

10.30 AM, IST

BTech Electrical Stream (BM, EC, EE, EI, MD) @ MIT Manipal

2.30 PM, IST

BTech Civil & BTech Chemical Stream (BT, CH) @ MIT Manipal

Saturday, Jan 26

2.30 PM, IST

Career Guidance Webinar: Manipal, A Destination for Multi-Disciplinary Education after XII th

Sunday, Jan 27

11 AM, IST

MBBS @ KMC, BDS @ MCODS Manipal & Mangaluru Campus

Tuesday, Jan 29

11 AM, IST

BTech (16 specializations) @ MIT Manipal

2.30 PM, IST

BA Media & Communication @ SOC Manipal

Thursday, Jan 31


BTech (16 specializations) @ MIT Manipal

Friday, Feb 1 7 PM, IST BBA, BCom @ DOC Manipal


Multiple webinars on the following Topics / Programs, will be scheduled during Jan - May 2019

1.   Innovation & Start Ups @ Manipal

2.   Campus Lfe @ Manipal

3.   UG & PG Allied Health Programs, MPhil Clinical Psychology @ SOAHS Manipal

4.   BArch & MArch @ FOA Manipal

5.   BDes (Interior Design), BDes (Fashion Design) @ DOD Manipal, BSc Animation @ SOC Manipal


6.   BA Humanities, MA English, MA Sociology @ MCH Manipal

7.   MSc Photonics & MSc Nanoscience & Technology @ DAMP Manipal

8.   MSc Applied Mathematics & Computing, MSc Chemistry, MSc Geology, MSc Physics @ DSc Manipal

9.   MCA @ MIT Manipal

10. UG & PG Dental Programs @ MCODS Manipal & Mangaluru Campus


11. BTech Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical & Mechanical Streams @ MIT Manipal

12. MTech (24 specializations) @ MIT Manipal, ME (8 specializations) @ SOIS Manipal

13. BA Foreign Language & Intercultural Studies, MA English, MA Sociology @ DES Manipal

14. MA Geopolitics & International Relations @ DGIR Manipal

15. Bachelor of Hotel Management, BA Culinary Arts, MSc Hospitatility & Tourism Management, MSc Dietetics & Applied Nutrition @ WGSHA Manipal


16. BSc Biotechnology, MSc Medical Biotechnology, MSc Molecular Biology & Human Genetics, MSc by Research in Life Sciences @ SOLS Manipal

17. UG, PG & SS Medical Programs @ KMC Manipal & Mangaluru Campus

18. MSc (Medical), MSc Clinical Embryology, MSc Genetic Counseling @ KMC Manipal, MSc Clinical Virology @ DVR Manipal, MSc Stem Cell Technology & Regenerative Biology @ SORM Manipal

19. BA Media & Communication, BSc Animation, MA Media & Communication, MA Film Art & Film Making @ SOC Manipal

20. MBA, MBA Healthcare Management, MBA Global Business @ SOM Manipal


21. BBA (8 specialisations), BCom (2 specializations), MCom (3 specializations) @ DOC Manipal

22. BSc Nursing, Post Basic BSc Nursing, PB Diploma (4 specializations), MSc Nursing (5 specializations), Nurse Practitioner Critical care PG Residency, MPhil Nursing @ MCON Manipal

23. DPharm, BPharm, PharmD, MPharm (11 specializations), PharmD Post Baccalaureate @ MCOPS Manipal

24. MPH (5 specializations), MSW (3 specializations), MHA @ PSPH Manipal

25. MSc Biostatistics @ DSt Manipal


26. Career Guidance: Manipal, A Destination for Multi-Disciplinary Education after XII th


Click here to let us know, what you like us to cover in the webinar. 


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Foreign / NRI / NRI sponsored category students can join any of the sessions as per convenience.