Department of Philosophy (DoP)

The Department of Philosophy is a constituent of the Faculty of Liberal Arts - Humanities and Social Sciences. It incorporates teaching and research activities in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences through academic programs, projects, publications, and events. The Department of Philosophy complements to the Humanities discourses on scientific investigation of the aspects of human nature, existence and experience; and presents a systematic enquiry into the interaction between self and the world, while elaborating the knowledge-making process itself. At the Department, we engage with interdisciplinary approaches, which integrate historical elements in advancing intellectual discourses.

The Department has brought out several scholarly translations and publications and is conducting interdisciplinary research in the areas of philosophy, literature, digital humanities and computational linguistics. With a team of young faculty members - who are the beneficiaries of prestigious Erasmus Plus teaching mobility and Raman Charpak research fellowships at European universities, it offers two Master’s programs in Indian Philosophy and Sanskrit Studies. It also offers a variety of elective/certificate courses in the areas of Humanities such as European philosophy, Indian philosophy, Ethics and epics, Bhagavadgita, Sanskrit language, Comparative linguistics, etc., at other MAHE constituent units.

Established as the Dvaita Philosophy Resource Centre (DPRC) in 2010, it has been a part of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence – Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES), with funding from the Delegation of the European Union to India. The Centre has been effectuating knowledge sharing experiences between Europe and India and creating an international platform for Indian intellectual traditions; the Centre attained recognition as the Department in 2019.



  • To initiate dialogues and develop intellectual resources through interdisciplinary studies and research
  • To promote cross-cultural interactions through academic collaborations among scholars and institutions
  • To foster holistic development and ethical attitude through philosophical practices



Research Thrust Areas

Philosophy: Ethics, Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ontology, Hermeneutics, Aesthetics, Western philosophy, Continental philosophy, Vedic and Vedantic studies, Indian philosophy, etc.,

Literary studies: Linguistics, Didactics, Translation, Literature, Gender Studies, Philology, Manuscriptology, Mythology, Religion, Digital Humanities, Indic Studies, Indology, Sanskrit studies, etc.,

Programs Offered

MA (Master of Arts)        








Program Modules

  • Ethics, metaphysics and epistemology 
  • Literature and aesthetics 
  • Language, linguistics, translation and didactics 
  • Comparative studies 
  • Research and professional competences 



Programs' Highlights

  • Research-oriented focus on epistemology, ontology, axiology and philology
  • Acquisition and proficiency in Sanskrit language
  • Comparative and interdisciplinary approach
  • Integrating traditional and modern pedagogy 
  • Interactions with scholars of international repute
  • International collaborations for study/research opportunities
  • Year exit option with Postgraduate Diploma 


Career prospects

  • Teaching, research, translation and publication
  • Digital Humanities and Computational Linguistics
  • NGOs, art and cultural organisations


  • Knowledge of Sanskrit is not a prerequisite and medium of instruction is English
  • PG degree/diploma are offered through regular mode at Manipal campus