Dr. Keerthana I


School of Information Sciences


    Keerthana I is Professor at the School of Information Sciences.


    • Coordinates research activities.
    • Coordinates with School of Allied Health Sciences to propose joint collaborative programs.


Subject Subject code Semester
Real Time Operating Systems ESD603 1st Semester
Designing with Microcontrollers ESD609 1st Semester
Operating Systems MSC607 2nd Semester
Computer Graphics and Image Processing MS 202 2nd Semester
Medical Imaging MS101 1st Semester
Computer Graphics IS04 2nd Semester
Programming Techniques
Object Oriented Programming in C++
Logic Design
Parallel Algorithms


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Information Science Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2012
MCSD – Microsoft certified Software Developer 2001
MTech Digital Electronics Department of Electronics, Cochin University of Science and Technology 1996


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
School of Information Sciences Associate Professor 2012
School of Information Sciences Assistant Professor – Senior Scale 2007-2012
School of Information Sciences Assistant Professor – Junior Scale 2002-2007


Area of Interest

Medical Image Processing

Area of Expertise

Medical Image Processing

Area of Research

Medical Image Processing

Colour image analysis to grade shades of a colour and its application to quantify stained tissues

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Data mining approach for automation of diagnosis of breast cancer in immunohistochemically stained tissue microarray images

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Image analysis approach for automation of diagnosis of breast cancer from immunohistochemically stained tissues

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Applications of ‘TissueQuant’ – a colour intensity quantification tool for medical research

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Image analysis tools for evaluation of microscopic views of immunohistochemically stained specimen in medical research-a review

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DIAG-aid: Diag-AID: A diagnostic aid for medical image enhancement using colour coding and modified histogram equalisation techniques

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Evidence-based assessment of antiosteoporotic activity of petroleum-ether extracts of cissus quadrangularis linn on ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis

2009-01-01 Bhagath K Potu Muddanna S Rao Gopalan K Nampurath Mallikarjuna R Chamallamudi Keerthana I

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