MCH invites applications from proactive learners who display curiosity, leadership, collaboration and distinct perspectives. 


Admissions for MCH programs are administered by both a centralized MAHE Admissions office and an Admissions Committee at the Manipal Centre for Humanities (MCH). MCH follows MAHE policy in all respects.

All applications are processed in shorter cycles through an open admission time frame which typically runs from October/November to July/August. MCH judges the candidate’s application academic merit, while the centralized office routes, vets and stores the documents. 

Students must have a minimum of 55% in a Board recognized by the Government of India. Applications can be made in advance of final-year exam/results. If results have not been declared, provisional admission will be provided and it is the responsibility of the student to submit the results when received. 

The applicant can expect the following admission process:

Step 1

Interested applicants have to apply through the MAHE admissions portal -

Step 2

The initial application made through the MAHE online portal will be forwarded to MCH and applicants will receive an email from MCH Admissions Committee in due course. 

Step 3

The applicant must fill out the MCH Admissions form to the best of their knowledge and abilities. This will include information about previous education as well as a personal essay.

Step 4

The MCH Admissions Committee will shortlist candidates for interview based on the quality of the application and filled form.

Step 5

If selected, the candidate will be informed by MAHE Admissions, alongside further information on fees, hostels, and so on.  (If not selected at either level—before or after the interview, the candidate will be intimated by email).


We seek to process applications as fast as possible, and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early as seats are limited. You will receive email communication from us at every step. Please take all elements of the Admission process seriously.  Please contact the MCH office during working/office hours if necessary (0820-2923561) for clarifications on the process. Please be assured that we process all applications without fail and will get in touch with you. 


    Since all the programs and specialisations at MCH are in the Humanities and Social Sciences, we look for an aptitude and enthusiasm for these disciplines in the applicant. Applicants from any disciplinary background may apply if they meet this primary criteria and are able to clear all the steps of our admission process (see Admissions page for more information).  In the past, we have accepted promising students from various disciplinary trainings, such as Science, Engineering, Commerce, Management. Though we are welcoming of those from diverse academic backgrounds, the majority of our students hold degrees in the humanities and social sciences. 

    Admissions to MCH programs are open early (typically in October/November) and students are encouraged to apply early since we have limited seats. Applicants can apply before appearing for their final exams. The Admissions Committee will take into account the marks of previous year/exams in processing the applications. Applicants who receive offer letters can join with a provisional admission and submit their results later. To retain their admission, students must have received a minimum 55% in a Board recognized by the Government of India.

    Applications received for MCH programs are processed in cycles over several months, typically from October/November till July/August. The last dates for applying are clearly indicated on the official website. Applicants are encouraged to apply early to maximize their chances. The Admissions Committee processes all applications within a few weeks and communicates its decision to the applicant without much delay. You are advised to account for a 4-6 week waiting period. 

    Hostel facilities are provided by MAHE under certain stipulations, subject to availability, and usually within the campus of the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT). MCH does not provide separate accommodation and applicants are advised to check on the MAHE hostel link to explore their options: Staying at MAHE hostels is mandatory for first-year BA students. This is to ensure the wellbeing of students who are new to college and Manipal. All allotments are done by the Warden’s office and MCH does not interfere with their process. Needless to say, Manipal is a very safe and welcoming space for young people. 

    MCH regularly invites experts from the industry and scholars in allied fields to share their expertise with students. Alumni visits and talks are also organised at frequent intervals. Faculty at MCH inform students of any opportunities or openings that are announced or forwarded to them. MCH students are also provided a full range of information from MAHE regarding many possible opportunities. 

    The first year of the MA program is designed to give students a strong grounding in a multidisciplinary approach to Humanities and all students will have to take courses in English, Sociology, and History irrespective of their specialization. We believe that this approach strengthens the critical thinking and knowledge base of the students. This is also more in line with international practice. The second year of the program is geared towards a more in-depth study of courses in the core discipline (English/Sociology/History) culminating in a substantial research project (thesis) in the student’s area of interest.

    We encourage our students to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Several of our students have applied to programs abroad and been accepted, often with full funding. It is the responsibility of the students to research the programs and institutions that support their research interests. Faculty at MCH are available for advice and consultations. If the student has demonstrated a good track-record in the academic and extra-curricular work, faculty may support their applications with recommendation letters. Any support from faculty is at their personal discretion. Students are advised to plan their applications with responsibility and attention, and the faculty is happy to help students who have a positive and collaborative work-ethic. 


Address:  Manipal Centre for Humanities, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Alevoor Road, Dr T.M.A. Pai Planetarium Complex, Manipal, Karnataka, 576104  Phone:    (+91) 820 292 3561