About MCH

Manipal Centre for Humanities (MCH) is a leading research and teaching institute based in Manipal, Karnataka. It offers an undergraduate program in the Humanities and postgraduate and doctoral degrees in English and Sociology. As one of the most exciting academic experiments in higher education in India, MCH fosters a culture of innovative and reflexive pedagogy, intellectual freedom, student initiatives, and new directions in scholarship. Students come to MCH from universities abroad and many of India’s premier undergraduate colleges.

MCH is deeply committed to encouraging critical and creative thinking across a wide variety of disciplines. One of its core aims is to foster original writing from India in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

BA (Humanities) is a carefully curated liberal arts degree that inculcates varied critical and creative skills across three years (six semesters). Keeping the larger goals of interdisciplinarity in mind, the first two years of the program offer a wide range of Foundation Courses for a strong grounding in fundamental concepts and recent scholarship. Foundation Courses are offered from the following disciplines – Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, History, Religious Studies, Film Studies, and Gender Studies. Students can choose Electives in the third year to opt for a Major in English, History or Sociology. 

The first year of the MA (English/Sociology) program is designed to give students a strong grounding in an interdisciplinary approach to Humanities and all students will have to take courses in English and Sociology irrespective of their specialization.  The second year of the program is geared for a more in-depth study of courses in the core discipline culminating in a substantial research project (thesis) in the students area of interest.

Faculty at MCH are trained at some of the leading universities in India and abroad. Engaged in pioneering research, which contributes to their teaching, MCH faculty have published extensively, both nationally and internationally. Some of the core areas of engagement are Gender Studies, Modern Indian Literature, Indian Philosophy, Cultural History, Continental Philosophy, Film Studies, Political Sociology, Religious Studies, Medical Humanities, and Sanskrit Studies.

MCH has in the past collaborated with institutions such as Princeton University (USA), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada), Sutasoma Trust (UK), University of Bergen (Norway), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), Indian Council of Philosophical Research (New Delhi), Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (Bangalore), and Ninasam Theatre Institute (Heggodu).

MCH aims to train its students to be active and dynamic participants in whichever profession they choose to pursue. The BA program primarily prepares its students to pursue higher studies in the best institutes. Many MCH Alumni have gone on to have successful careers in media, publishing, education, social sector, corporate sector, and arts management. Students have also been accepted in doctoral programs in prestigious international universities such as the University of Pennsylvania (USA), University of Chicago (USA), Columbia University, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), University of Toronto (Canada), University of Kent (UK), University of Groningen (Netherlands), University of Western Ontario, and Australian National University.

MCH has hosted several international students from countries such as France, Iran, Peru, Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, and Thailand.

The vibrant student life at MCH includes in-house Clubs for literary activities, film screenings and discussions, literary journals, theatre and sports.  The Centre also conducts workshops, internships, national and international conferences, summer schools, writing courses, and guest lectures by renowned scholars and artists. 

In 2016, four new Centres were set up within MCH to encourage research and activities in specific areas of interest -- the Hebbar Gallery and Art Centre, Centre for Women's Studies, Centre for Cultural History, and Centre for Religious Studies.

MCH Community, our vibrant student-run blog, contains up-to-date information on the Centre’s activities. It can be accessed here.


  • Centre of Excellence: MCH is a Centre of Excellence at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and provides a holistic training in Humanities and Social Sciences with strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity and social and academic relevance.
  • Highly Accomplished Faculty: Faculty at MCH have doctorate degrees from highly reputed national and international universities. Engaged in pioneering research, which contributes to their teaching, MCH faculty have published extensively, both nationally and internationally. 
  • Innovative Pedagogy: Inspired by international liberal arts programs, all courses at MCH provide a strong emphasis on research, writing and communication skills and encourage original thinking while engaging with the latest scholarship. MCH also has a low student-faculty ratio and provides one-to-one mentoring during project and thesis writing.
  • International Recognition: MCH is regularly visited by nationally and internationally renowned scholars and artists. 
  • Placements: MCH alumnae are spread across the fields of publishing, media, thinktanks, national and international NGOs, arts management, and higher research in prestigious international and ivy-league universities.    
  • Student Activities: MCH has a diverse student population from some of the best colleges across the country. International students have come from countries such as France, Iran, Peru, Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, and Thailand. The student community at MCH has opportunities to harness extracurricular aptitudes through several vibrant forums - Film Club, Literary Club, Sports Club, Theatre Club & Literary Journals that are coordinated by the students themselves.
  • Academic Events: Catering to UN Sustainable Goals, MCH hosts several national and international workshops/conferences/seminars/symposiums. Students get an opportunity to listen to and interact with top scholars in their field. 
  • MCH is home to a state-of-the-art Auditorium, an exclusive Art Gallery and a very extensive Humanities Library. 


The craze for medical and engineering education must not come at the cost of vital subjects of arts, literature and philosophy.

Dr. TMA Pai

Founder of Manipal Academy of Higher Education