Shining Star Lyngdoh

Assistant Professor

Manipal Centre for Humanities


Subject Semester / Year
History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Political Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophy
Self and Other
Research Methodology
Problems of Philosophy


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Philosophy Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 2018
MA Philosophy North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. 2012
BA Philosophy North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. 2010


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Union Christian College Assistant Professor 2018
IIT Bombay Research Associate 2018
IIT Bombay Teaching Assistant 2017
Union Christian College Assistant Professor 2012


Area of Interest

Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy with an interest in the oeuvre of Jacques Derrida. Themes in philosophy such as language, ethics, politics, gender, community, death and finitude, environment and development, social justice, technology, animality… are of interest to me.

The Materiality of the Sign in Khasi Oral Tradition: Derrida’s Linguistic Materialism

2022 Shining Star Lyngdoh

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Derrida and the Flesh of Metaphorical Language

2021 Shining Star Lyngdoh

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The Possibility/ Impossibility of Ethical Community during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Philosophical Reflection

2021 Shining Star Lyngdoh

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Derrida and the Metaphoricity of Language: A Critical Survey

April-September, 2018 Shining Star Lyngdoh

Indian Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 45, No.2-3 (April-September, 2018): 175-198.

Textualized Body, Embodied Text: Derrida’s Linguistic Materialism

2018 Shining Star Lyngdoh

Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Vol. 35, No. 1 (2018): 107-120. DOI:

Ethical Discourse ha sawdong ka Lyngwiar Dpei:Theorizing Khasis Folktales

2015 Shining Star Lyngdoh

Lokodarpan: A Peer-Reviewed Bilingual Annual Research Journal of Folklore 5, no. 1 (2015): 69-76.

Modern Developmental Philosophy of Nature and Traditional Khasi Ecology: Thinking with Heidegger

2015 Shining Star Lyngdoh

In Environment - Cultural Interaction and the Tribes of North-East India, 119-130. Edited by Banshaikupar L. Mawlong and Marco Babit Mitri. United Kingdom:Cambridge Scholar Publishing

Globalisation and Khasi Youth Culture in Transition: A Critical Reading

2015 Shining Star Lyngdoh

In Culture, Identity and Development: The Global and the Local in Northeast India, 157-78. Edited by Saji Varghese. New Delhi: Abhijeet Publications