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Prospective PhD candidates are encouraged to get in touch with faculty at MCH who have the relevant specialization and Guideship. Beyond the academic transcripts, a substantial writing sample will be required. MCH will follow relevant MAHE and governmental guidelines in the final admission process.



Sandeep Dubey is a first-year PhD student. His research engages with the discourse on madness in literary and philosophical traditions of South Asia; and attempts to articulate a poetics of madness.

Srijan Deshpande is a first year PhD student. His research aims to explore the tensions between tradition and continuity on the one hand and individual expression, innovation and creativity on the other in Hindustani Music.

Raghu Menon is a first year PhD Student. He is working on the concept of time in the works of Gilles Deleuze.

Urmila G is a second year PhD Student. She is working on the literary works of three twentieth century Malayalam women writers- Lalithambika Antharjanam, Saraswati Amma and Rajelakshmi.

Yadukrishnan P T is a second year PhD Student. He is working on the construction and articulation of dominant caste identities in Malayalam cinema in the closing decades of the twentieth century.

Vivek Kumar R. is a final year PhD Student. He works on Kant's theory of action within which he studies how human agents decide and act on practical principles.


Sonia Ghalian received her PhD from Manipal Centre for Humanities in 2019. Her thesis explores the nuances of representing children and childhood stories in the cinematic medium in the larger continuum of Indian cinema. She is presently Assistant Professor at Christ University, Bangalore, India.


Srajana Kaikini received her PhD from Manipal Centre for Humanities in 2019. Her doctoral research titled 'Arrangement of Objects. An Ontology of Contemporary Curatorial Practice' argues for a philosophy of curation with a focus on ontology of relations and is informed by her own practice as Curator. She is presently Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Krea University.


Tapaswi HM received his PhD from Manipal Centre for Humanities in 2019. His thesis titled "Understanding Rasa (Aesthetic) Experience: Towards the Conceptualization of Contemporary Theatre Community in Karnataka" studies the Indian theory of Aesthetics with reference to contemporary drama theatre in Karnataka. He is presently Assistant Professor at Dr. NSAM First Grade College, Nitte.