Dr. Sudharshan Prabhu

Assistant Professor

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology


    • Sudharshan Prabhu is Assistant Professor in Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Manipal School of Life Sciences, MAHE, Manipal
    • He is involved in teaching, research and handles PGD courses.
    • He guides final semester postgraduates and undergraduates in research projects


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Ph.D Allied Health and Basic Science Yenepoya Research Centre, Yenepoya University, Mangalore August 2014
M.S.c Biotechnology Mangalore University, India May 2009


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
QuintileIMS. Bengaluru, India Clinical Analyst/Lead Clinical Analyst Data query generation and resolution performed within timelines by appropriate follow-up with sites. Key player in clinical trials, reviving different aspect of the study 2015-2018
Bhami’s Research Laboratory, Mangalore Research Associate Extensive cloning experiments involving restriction digestion, gel purification and transformation of the desired genes into the host system (bacterial and yeast).  Culturing/transfecting CHO, HEK cells lines for production of recombinant proteins October, 2013- August 2015
School of Life Sciences, MAHE, Manipal Assistant Professor March 2018-Current


Area of Interest

Industrial Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology

Area of Expertise

Microbiology and Cell Biology

Area of Research

Microbiology and Cell Biology

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

Skills and Techniques: Expertise in recombinant protein production, cloning techniques. Well verse in bacterial identification, screening and identification of potential metabolites and large scale production by media optimization studies. Purification, encapsulation for effective drug delivery.


Technology Skills:

Skilled in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook). Oracle INFORM, CTMS CENDUIT, INFOSARIO, Adept in web data searching using PubMed and SCOPUS. Proficient in image/statistic software’s (Photoshop, CorelDraw, ImageJ, GraphPad PRISM.).

In vitro synergistic activity of Colistin and Ceftazidime or Ciprofloxacin against multidrug-resistant clinical strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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Zeaxanthin biosynthesis be the members of genus Muricauda

Sudharshan, P Rekha, PD Arun AB

Polish Journal of Microbiology. 2014;63:115-119

Biosynthesis of zeaxanthin as a major carotenoid by the new isolates of the genus Muricauda from Coastal sands of India and its antioxidant properties

Sudharshan, P Rekha, PD Young, CC Hameed, A Lin, SY Arun, AB

Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology.2013;1-15

Bhargavaea ullalensis sp. nov., isolated from coastal sand

Glaeser, S.P Arun, AB Rekha, PD Prabhu, S Busse, HJ Kämpfer, P

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A Study on Iron Chelator Induced Ferroptosis Inhibition in Cancer Cells

Namitha Nayak