Dr TS Murali


Department of Biotechnology


    Thokur Sreepathy Murali is Professor in the Division of Biotechnology at Manipal School of Life Sciences.


    • Teaches Biology-II and Molecular Biology-I for undergraduate course students and Recombinant DNA technology for postgraduate students.
    • Conducts Molecular Biology Practicals for postgraduate students.
    • Carries out research in the field of Microbiology and Mycology.


Subject Semester / Year
Biology-II First Semester
Molecular Biology-I Third Semester
Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Fourth Semester
Recombinant DNA Technology Third and Fourth Semester
Molecular Biology Practical First and Second Semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Botany University of Madras 2005


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Division of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences Assistant Professor 2008
RKM Vivekanand College, Chennai Lecturer (Management Staff) 2007- 2008


Area of Interest

Fungal Ecology, Molecular Systematics, Microbial Diversity and Metabolomics

Area of Expertise

Endophyte Diversity, Endophyte Biology, Microbiology

Area of Research

Molecular microbiology, Microbial metabolomics

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life member of Society for Biological Chemists (India).
  • Won the Best Teacher Award in 2009.
  • Nominated as Council Member of Mycological Society of India

Virulence determinants in clinical Staphylococcus aureus from monomicrobial and polymicrobial infections of diabetic foot ulcers

2016-16-12 Journal of Medical Microbiology 65, 1392-1404

Kavitha S, Spoorthi J, Deepika VB, Raviraj A, Ramachandra L, Satyamoorthy K, Murali TS

Pestalotiopsis species occur as generalist endophytes in trees of Western Ghats forests of southern India.

2016-12-10 Pestalotiopsis species occur as generalist endophytes in trees of Western Ghats forests of southern India.

Reddy MS, Murali TS, Suryanarayanan TS, Govinda Rajulu MB, Thirunavukkarasu

Repeat Sequence Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Paul B, Gupta H, Murali TS, Vasudevan TG, Satyamoorthy K

Full Publications List

Full Publications List


Molecular characterisation of bacterial & fungal communities in the Diabetic Foot Ulcer

2014-01-01 Kavitha S

Research. The study looked at pathogenic bacterial and fungal communities associated with diabetic foot ulcer that may play a significant role in the process of wound healing.

Influence of Host Factors and Microbial Community in Diabetic Wound Healing

2014-01-01 Bharath Prasad

Research. Bacterial infection in diabetic foot ulcers exacerbates the wound healing process. However, in addition, the host factors may play certain role in determining the wound progression and closure.

Effect of endophytes on photosynthetic efficiency of plants

2011-01-01 Sawmya Kotian

Post-graduate, 2011-2013, II year. Fungal endophytes present inside host tissues provide several advantages to the host plant. The study screened certain medicinal plants for endophytes and how these endophytes can improve the photosynthetic efficiency of these plants.

Screening and molecular characterisation of ubiquitous endophytes

2010-01-01 Milton Roy

Post-graduate, 2010-2012, II year. The study looks into fungal endophyte metabolomics using advanced techniques and also screened ubiquitous endophytes for their molecular diversity.

Molecular characterisation of microbes associated with diabetic foot ulcer

2010-01-01 Satyam Srivasatava

2010-2013, 6th Semester. Select species of bacteria associated with diabetic foot ulcer were screened for their antibiotic sensitivity profile. Biofilm producing capabilities of these bacterial strains were also studied.

Fungal endophytes from the orchid Pholidota pallida and their biotechnological potential

2006-01-01 Aparajit Sridharan

2006-2008, 6th Semester. Fungal endophytes from medicinally important Pholidota were isolated and screened for their biotechnological potential. The extracellular enzyme production capabilities were studied in detail.

Analysis of Siderophore Production by Fungal Endophytes

2007-01-01 Urmila Das

2007-2010, 6th Semester. Production of siderophores, specific chelators of iron, by fungal endophytes was studied using different techniques.