Abhishek S Rao K P

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale

Demonstrated ability to develop goals, objectives and implement strategies through lesson planning and teaching experience, Proficient in Supply Chain and Logistics Business Portfolio, Handled various portfolios as coordinator

Department of Commerce

Qualification: BCA, M.B.A(Human Resource)


    Abhishek S Rao K P is currently working as Assistant Professor Senior Scale. He teaches more than 5 subjects across diversity.

    He introduced two new courses: BBA Logistics and Supply Chain and MCom Logistics and Supply Chain.

    Coordinator for Centre for Supply Chain Education and Research

    Program Coordinator for Confederation of Indian Industry programs

    Appointed as Block Warden for the Department of Commerce

    Coordinating Website activities for Department of Commerce



Subject Subject code Semester
Principles of Management BBA 105 First Semester
Management Information System BBA 206 Fourth Semester
Electronic Business BBA 308 Sixth Semester
Land Economics Third Semester
Project Management MCM -LS 707 Third Semester
Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management MCM - LS 701 Third Semester
Managing Business Process Flows BBA 331 V Semester
Managing Business Process (TCS) BPS 307 V Semester
Good practices in supply chain Management MCMLS 705 IV Semester
Operations Strategy MCM- LS 703 II Semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MBA(Master of Business Administration) Human Resource Manipal Institute of Management, 2012
Bachelor of Computer Application Gogte College of Commerce, Karnatak University, Belgaum 2007


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Commerce, Secretary to Registrar Administration 2008- 2010
Department of Commerce, Assistant Professor Senior Scale Teaching 2012 - Present


Area of Interest

Strategic Management, Organisation Behaviour, Performance Management System, Linux and Logistics & Supply Chain

Area of Expertise

Training and Development and Health, Safety and Welfare, Inventory Management, Logistics Management

Area of Research

Entrepreneurship, Logistics & Supply Chain and Marketing

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

Member of All India Management Association, March 2017.

Member of Confederation of Indian Industry has been associated since 2013 under Centre of Excellence, Study Centre, March 2013.

Awarded the Best Faculty for the year 2016

Successfully Completed Functional Cerification Program on Logistcs and Supply Chain Management from CII - Institute of Logistcs

Conducted One Day National Seminar on " Global Trends in Supply Chain Innovation" on 25th September, 2015

Contemporary Innovative Business Practices Key To Sustain And Success

2013-01-01 E Geetha

A Case Study on Gati-Kwe, A successful supply chain model is about effective resource management, Companies which clearly define their objectives and resource capabilities come out successful in the long run, 2013.

Online Banking – An introspection

2013-01-01 Sahib Singh

To study the customer satisfaction of respondents using internet banking with service quality with certain factors like age, income level, 2013

The Role of Information Technology & Insurance Penetration: A Study

2014-10-10 Sandeep Shenoy Guruprasad Rao

The developments in IT are the working wonders in all the fields of activity. It has become possible to send and receive information almost instantaneously. If circulars do not reach the agents on time or doubts are not cleared quickly, or the agent does not have details of the new plans announced in the press, the agent may face awkward situation with the prospects.

An Empirical Study on Private Health Insurance in Rural Areas of India: Challenges and Opportunities

2014-12-11 Sandeep Shenoy Guruprasad rao

Health care in India is severely underfunded and neither the Government nor the common citizen has the financial ability to pay for quality medical care. Given this situation, private health insurance should have a wide acceptance in the market and play a significant role in meeting the health care funding shortfalls the greater percentage of the Indian population lives in rural areas which have very limited healthcare facilities. The tragedy is when any illness or disease affects them there is no source of finance available to them to meet the expenses. This pushes them further into debt. A right solution therefore is a Health insurance which provides protection at affordable rates within their capacity to pay.

Customer’s Awareness of Environment-Friendly Initiatives in Hotels

2014-15-10 Naresh Nayak

India is a country with long history and rich cultural heritages. It has abundant tourism resources and a wide range of tourism facilities, making it one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. However, the continuing development of the tourism industry and its conflict with environmental protection has become a problem for many countries. Developing green hotels could be one solution to the problem. However, consumers' understanding of green hotels is quite limited. It was found that consumers were not clear about the characteristics of a green hotel. Different categories of consumers have different perceptions about a green hotel. Consumers hope to boost and improve green consumption while hotels hope to reinforce management and sales of green hotels. This Study analyzed the awareness of the people about Environment-friendly programs in hotels and degree to which such programs influenced customer’s hotel selection

A Study of Retention Issues of Insurance Advisors as a Profession in an Indian Perspective

2014-16-12 Sandeep Shenoy Guruprasad Rao

Factors Affecting in the selection of 3PL Logistics Providers

2015-15-04 E Geetha

The Indian logistics industry is becoming more industrialized by providing innovative and professional end - to end solutions. Now the dimensions have changed from mere transportation to providing supply chain management solution. Indian inland market and demand have grown considerably where it paves the way to develop infrastructure as well as supply chain industries. At present, customer's preferences and expectations have been top priority by these companies. Ultimately it provides innovative and widespread features to the customers by the way it helps to contribute to the growth of services industry sector. The logistics industry has adapted itself to the growing needs of the customers.

Fdi In Retail And Its Influence On Indian Agriculture.

2016-02-02 Gagandeep Bhalla E Geetha

India is witnessing phenomenal growth in economy for past two decades exclusively the middle class in India has significantly stretched and its purchasing power also increased on the other hand. From the year 2006, for the first time the government alleviated retail policy, creates provision through the single brand retail route to allow maximum of 51 per cent FDI. Subsequently then, an unleashed flow can be witnessed in Indian retail sector. Conversely, structured retailing in the agricultural sector of India however remains in nascent stage. A considerable change in new economic policy, Indian government initiated the concept of allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector. This paper focusses to explore potential influences on agricultural sector due to introduction of FDI in retail. A number of contrasting views have been expressed regarding this policy decision. However the researcher is of the opinion that a lot of views that have been expressed are extremely biased and one needs to look at both sides of the coin and come to an informed decision regarding this issue. In this paper the researcher has discussed how allowing FDI in retail could be beneficial as well as detrimental to the interest of farmers in India, a number of policy changes have also been suggested

Know Your Customers (KYC) Norms

Mohammad Isthihak Prajwal P Shetty

A Project Report on,Final Year (5th semester) (Undergraduate), KYC is an acronym for “Know your Customer”, a term used for customer identification process, It involves making reasonable efforts to determine true identity and beneficial ownership of accounts, source of funds, the nature of customer’s business, reasonableness of operations in the account in relation to the customer’s business, etc. which in turn helps the banks to manage their risks prudently.

Study on Employee morale In the District co-operative central bank

Ratna Sakshi Priyarani bhagat

Final Year (5th semester) (Undergraduate), In this study was to analyse various aspects of human resource development and motivational policies for the employees.

Online Banking – An Introspection

Currently working in L & T, Sahib Singh (Undergraduate), To study the customer satisfaction of respondents using internet banking with service quality with certain factors like age, income level.

Distribution strategy to increase reach of Delmonte


Sikkim (2nd year) (Post Graduate), To analyse the marketing strategies of Delmonte and improve the system.

A study on Purchase Operation for Outsource in Print Business Solution

Printing Apoorva Shetty

The main objective of the project is to study how purchase department operates



Study of the satisfaction level of customers (dealers) in general. And also with reference to quality, availability, packaging, logistics and customer service in particular

    Strength of the Chain Lies in its weakest link


    All India Management, Vol 52 issue 7 July 2013, A career in logistics and supply chain management can be dynamic as companies are eager to improve the management of their supply chain in a competitive market place.