The program provides specialized and intensive inputs in the domain of logistics and supply chain which is highly relevant from industry perspective. The curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of the industry and has global acceptance. Students have opportunities for proceeding to the student exchange and masters program in reputed universities abroad on completion of this course.

The PGD Course duration is 1 year, which is divided into 2 semesters, respectively. This program is designed to equip students with the skills and self-confidence to stay ahead of the game and effectively manage a wide range of business environments. Students need to complete a range of compulsory courses that cover concepts relevant across the business world. Students will study topics including operations, logistics, performance management, marketing strategies and more. Students will graduate with the skills to confidently lead people and projects. During the course students will hear from industry guest lecturers, examine real-life case studies and undertake projects, placements and internships with leading businesses.

Graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain are distinguished by their professional readiness, self-reliance, and integrity. Graduates from Department of Commerce typically take leading roles in organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and are ready to pursue opportunities that range from small start-ups to holding top management positions in large multinational organisations. The specific roles, industries and sectors our graduates work in largely depend on their specializations, although there is also flexibility to work in a general management capacity. This program also facilitates higher studies both in India and abroad in reputed universities



Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain is a course that focuses on understanding the theoretical and practical functioning of an efficient and effective supply chain of materials and information. This course is designed to produce motivated, energetic, and skilled post graduates to meet the challenging and growing needs of the dynamic industry.  Generally, the course doesn't focus on any specific discipline or sub-field within the field of supply chain management. It covers all the basic as well as the advanced elements of a comprehensive management education course.

This course is the gateway to numerous job opportunities in a plethora of sectors like Management, Education and Government to name just a few.  During the tenure of the course, students learn various aspects of supply chain through class room lectures, case studies and practical projects like internship


1 year (2 semesters)

Key Dates & Deadlines


Wed Sep 15 2021

Sep ' 21

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date


1.      Demonstrate a systematic, extensive and coherent knowledge and understanding in the field of supply chain management as a whole and its applications, and links to related disciplinary areas/subjects of study; including a critical understanding of the established theories, principles, and concepts, and many advanced and emerging issues in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

2.       Procedural knowledge that creates different types of professionals related to the sectors of operations, logistics, supply chain and marketing including research and development, teaching and government and public service.

3.      Professional and communication skills in the domain of operations, logistics, supply chain and marketing including a critical understanding of the latest developments, and an ability to use established techniques in the domain of business and commerce.  

4.       Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge about materials, including current research, scholarly, and/or professional literature, relating to essential and advanced learning areas on the field of business and commerce with reference to supply chain, and techniques and skills required for identifying problems and issues associated.

5.      Demonstrate skills in identifying information needs, collection of relevant quantitative and/or qualitative data on a wide range of sources, for the analysis and interpretation to formulate strategies and take business decisions 

Career Path

Career options for students at DOC are in accounting, marketing, logistics auditing, finance, insurance, and banking sectors. With DOC, one you also have the opportunity to choose an out-of-the-box career option, like one in travel and hospitality, depending on the path and degree you choose. Career options for our students are vast and there are interesting profiles to work if they play with their strengths.

Upon completion of their respective courses, the students of our department have been able to secure jobs in a number of reputed organisations/ companies so far;  Infosys,  Tata Consultancy Services, Visskan Aviation Pvt Ltd are a few of them.


The Center for supply chain education and research
The center strives to provide mastery in Supply Chain Management (SCM) best practice and distinguish itself as an industry expert with specialised, high level knowledge and skill.                                                                                                        

The Center for Managing Family Business
Established with a novel framework for quality research in the area of entrepreneurship and family business and to provide a platform for dissemination of knowledge through training and development.

Center for Consultancy, Training and Industry Interface
The center aims to achieve excellence in training and undertaking projects related to social development by partnering with companies and project agencies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

International Center for Business Studies
The center’s vision is to be a globally recognised center in the area of international academic program and research by 2020.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Center for Business Analytics
The Center for Business Analytics was incubated with a vision to achieve excellence in consulting, advisory, training and educating through leveraging the power of analytics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Center for Advanced Learning in Finance and Accounting
The mission of the center is to diffuse knowledge that empowers the aspirants to develop, support and steward financial and accounting education.