The Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences (MCNS) was started in 2011 under the Manipal Advanced Research Group (MARG). The primary aim of MCNS is to nurture fundamental research in the Natural Sciences and grow into a hub of excellence within Manipal Academy of Higher Education. In 2012, the fledgling MCNS came into its own as a Centre of Excellence under Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It is one of the first dedicated “all-research” Centers to be started within a University.                                                                                                                            From its inception, a unique and vibrant academic program has been initiated and integrated with existing research at partner institutions in India and abroad. Building on its core strength in physics, the Centre is making efforts to expand its research activities in to other disciplines viz. Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Mathematics, as a part of an ambitious mandate. Emphasis is on computer simulation and modelling.


               Director: Dr. Mohini Gupta

               Email: director.mcns@manipal.edu


               Dean(Research): Dr.M Prithviraj   

               Email: dean.mcns@manipal.edu


              Board of Advisors:


                 1. Prof. Amit Roy

                    Email: amitroy1948@gmail.com

                 2. Prof. S. M. Chitre

                 3. Prof. Vasudeva Rao

                     Email: vasu@igcar.gov.in


(a)      Physics


  •          Nuclear Physics

                                    Dr. Mohini Gupta, Professor

                                    Email: mohini.gupta@manipal.edu

                                    Dr. Y.K. Gambhir, Distinguished Fellow

                                    Email: yogy@phy.iitb.ac.in

                                    Dr. A.V.Eremin, Adjunct Faculty

                                    Email: eremin@jinr.ru

                                    Dr.G. Muenzenberg, Distinguished Visiting Professor

                                    Email: G.Muenzenberg@gsi.de


  •          Condensed Matter Phsycis

                                    Dr. Vyasa Upadhayaya, Professor

                                    Email:  v.upadhayaya@manipal.edu                    


  •         Nuclear Science

                                   Dr. K.V.Subbaiah, Consultant Professor & Radiological Safety Officer (RSO)


                                   Dr. Pradip K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow & Additional RSO

                                   Email: pradip.sarkar@manipal.edu                        


  •         Nuclear and Atomic Data

                                  Dr.V.Gopalakrishnan, Consultant Professor

                                  Email: gopal.v@manipal.edu      

                                  Dr. Alan Leslie Nichols, Visiting Faculty

                                  Email: office.mcns@manipal.edu


  •         Reactor Physics


  •         Astronomy & Astrophysics                                                                                                       

                                  Dr.Debbijoy Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor


                                  Dr. Ajit Kembhavi, Adjunct Faculty

                                  Email: : akk@iucaa.ernet.in

                                  Mr. Krishna Mohan, Ph.D. Scholar

                                  Email:  krishna.mohana@learner.manipal.edu

                                  Ms. Sanna Gulati, Ph.D. Scholar

                                  Email: sanna.gulati@learner.maipal.edu

                                  Mr. B. Ananthamoorthy, Ph.D. Scholar  

                                  Email: anantha.moorthy@learner.manipal.edu


  •     Theoretical Physics

                                Dr. Kazuyuki Furuuchi, Associate Professor

                                Email: kazuyuki.furuuchi@manipal.edu

                                Dr. K.P.N.Moorthy, Adjunct Faculty, Computational Physics

                                Email: k.p.n.murthy@gmail.com                       

                                Ms. Suvedha Suresh Naik, Ph.D Scholar

                                Email: suvedha.nail@learner.manipal.edu


  •      High Energy Physics Experiment                                

                                Dr.Kolahal Bhattacharya                          

                                Email: kolahal.bhattacharya@manipal.edu


(b)      Mathematics Chair


                               Prof. M.S. Narasimhan, Dr.T.M.A. Pai Endowment Chair in Mathematics at MCNS

                               Email: narasim@math.tifrbng.res.in  

                               Dr. Nitin Nitsure, Visiting faculty, Dr.T.M.A.Pai Endowment Chair in Mathematics at  MCNS (Oct 2015 to Dec 2015)

                               Dr. Ramdas T R, Visiting faculty, Dr.T.M.A.Pai Endowment Chair in Mathematics at  MCNS (Oct 2015 to Dec 2015)

                               Dr. Garcia-Prada, Visiting faculty, Dr.T.M.A.Pai Endowment Chair in Mathematics at  MCNS (Oct 2015 to Dec 2015)


(c)       Chemistry

                                     Dr. Suranjan Shil, Assistant Professor

                                     Email: suranjan.shil@manipal.edu  


(d)      Science of Earth, Oceans and Space


  •         Earth Science & Planetary Science Group  


                                     Dr. Shalima Puthiyaveettil, Research Faculty    

                                     Email: shalima.p@manipal.edu

                                     Dr. Vivek Pandi, Assistant Professor

                                     Email: vivek.pandi@manipal.edu  


  •     Geomorphology


                                     Dr. M Prithviraj Dean (Research)

                                     Email: prithviraj.m@manipal.edu


(e)      Evolutionary Biology             


(f)        Non-teaching / Support Staff:


  •         Administrative staff

                           • Ms. Veena Kumari, Senior Executive, Director’s office

                              Email: veenag.nayak@manipal.edu

                           • Mr. Venkatesh, Associate, MCNS Office, Annexe Building.

                              Email: office.mcns@manipal.edu

                            • Mr. Deepak Vijaya Kumar, Administrative Assistant, MCNS Office, Dr.T.M.A.Pai, Planetarium Building.

                              Email: office.mcns@manipal.edu



  •        Library staff

                           • Dr. Jessy Saadi, Librarian

                              Email: lib.mcns@manipal.edu


  •        Junior & Assistant Engineers:

                           • Mr. Ramaprasada, Assistant Engineer, Computers and peripherals

                              Email: ram.prasada@manipal.edu  

                           • Mr. Ganesh Acharya, Junior Engineer, Projection systems

                               Email: planetarium@manipal.edu


  •        General Duty Workers:

                           • Prakash Poojary

                           • Mr. Vijay Kumar



Manipal University focuses on maintaining high standards of teaching and research.

Dr. Mohini Gupta