MCNS is a Center of Excellence with a mandate to carry out high-quality research and produce globally competent researchers in science. Currently, MCNS is focused on a few select research domains and is expected to expand these activities further in the coming years. MCNS can also leverage maximally, its unique position in the MAHE system, to further strengthen complementary and related research and teaching areas, using groups across different institutions and departments.

As a new Director of MCNS since April 1 2023, I have been impressed with the recent expansion of faculty research programs through recent inductions. The expertise, enthusiasm and overall youth of faculties, present a unique opportunity to raise the quality of research and enhance the teaching program at MCNS. Collaborations both nationally and internationally, are important in research as it brings in a wealth of new ideas, capacity building possibilities and augment access to unique resources outside MAHE. A strong research program is critical to attract fresh collaborations and MCNS should continue its pursuit to reach new levels. I am sure there are many new avenues for us to explore collectively.

MCNS is unique in having resources such as the Dr. T.M.A.Pai Planetarium. The current level of interaction with the wider community at MAHE and the public at large, can be further expanded to convey the important role of scientific research in stimulating the youth and in areas of social development.

I consider it a true honour to be given this opportunity to lead MCNS. It is my sincere desire and goal to guide MCNS teams in advancing its ongoing research programs and in enabling and establishing new avenues and opportunities and thus ensure MCNS remains a Center of Excellence in research.