The institutes, Manipal Centre of Natural Sciences and Manipal Advanced Research Group (MCNS & MARG), are wholly dedicated to research.

MARG was conceived as a specialised academic centre of excellence for research in the basic sciences, and inter-disciplinary fields through innovative schemes and research programs. This initiative also seeks to establish a link between fundamental research in the natural sciences and engineering.

MCNS was started in 2011 as a hub of excellence for fundamental research in the pure sciences, especially physics. A unique and vibrant academic program has been initiated and integrated with existing research at partner institutions in India and abroad.


  • Chair, Pro Chancellor Dr HS Ballal
  • Vice Chair, Prof MD Nalapat, UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal 
  • Executive Director, Vice Chancellor Dr H Vinod Bhat 
  • Advisor, Prof YK Gambhir
  • Advisor, Prof Gottfried Münzenberg
  • Convenor:Dr Mohini Gupta, Professor 
  • Visiting Faculty:  Prof SM Chitre, PhD, Centre for Excellence in the Basic Sciences, Mumbai

Adjunct Faculty


  • Dr AL Nichols, PhD, former Head, Nuclear Data Section, IAEA, Vienna
  • Dr AV Eremin, PhD, JINR, Russian Federation 
  • Dr Suresh Lee, PhD, formerly Group Director at IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India
  • Dr P Mohanakrishnan, formerly Associate Director, RPG, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India