Dr. Chaitra U

Senior Staff Scientist



    Role: Senior Staff Scientist

    Responsibilities: Manage the P.G Laboratory, Design experiments needed for teaching PG Course


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Ph. D Thinfilms Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE 2019
MSc in Physics Electronics Mangalagangothri, Mangalore University 2004
B.Sc Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science Poornaprajna College udupi 2002


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
MIT, Mnaipal Assistant Professor Teaching 2 Years ( 2010 -2012)
Mangalore Institute of Technology (MITE), Moodubidri Senior Assistant Professor Teaching & research 2019 - 2021


Area of Interest

Thin films, nano materials, Metal oxides

Area of Expertise

Depositing thin films for devices applications

Area of Research

Metal oxide based thin films & nano structures for gas sensors

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  1.  Life member of " The Indian Society of Technical education"
  2.  Reviewer for International journals:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             a) Inorganic Chemistry & communication                                                     b) Results in Physics

Dependence of solution molarity on structural, optical and electrical properties of spin coated ZnO thin films

01/07/2016 U Chaitra Dhananjaya. Kekuda K. Mohan Rao

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics. Vol:27

Effect of annealing temperature on the evolution of structural, microstructural, and optical properties of spin coated ZnO thin films

02/02/2017 U Chaitra Dhananjaya Kekuda Mohan Rao K

Ceramics International. Vol:43

Effect of doping concentration and annealing temperature on Nitrogen doped ZnO thin films: An investigation through spectroscopic techniques

09/05/2019 U Chaitra Mahesha M. G Dhananjaya Kekuda Mohan Rao K

Applied Physics A. Vol:125

Growth and characterization of undoped and Aluminium doped Zinc Oxide thin films for SO2 gas sensing below threshold value limit

01/12/2019 U Chaitra Muhammed Ali A.V Alison E. Viegas Dhananjaya Kekuda Mohan Rao K

Applied Surface Science. Vol: 496

Investigation on structural, optical and electrical properties of Nd doped titania films and application of optical model

05/01/2021 A.Kompa U. Chaitra Dhananjaya Kekuda Mohan Rao K

Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. Vol:121

Property evaluation of spin coated Al doped ZnO thin films and Au/AZO/FTO Schottky diodes

02/07/2021 U. Chaitra Muhammed Ali A.V Mahesha M. G Dhananjaya Kekuda Mohan Rao K

Superlattices and Microstructures. Vol: 155

Impact of defect sites on the Raman scattering properties of vacuum annealed nitrogen doped ZnO thin films

02/09/2021 U Chaitra

Inorganic Chemistry Communications. Vol:131