Dr. Sangeeta Umesh Nayak

Associate Professor

Department of Periodontology


    Dr. Sangeeta Umesh Nayak teaches BDS students.


    • Is actively involved in academic and clinical teaching for 3rd and final year part 1 students
    • Is involved in case discussions, assessments, seminars, journal club presentations and case presentations of postgraduate students.
    • Guides undergraduate students in their research work
    • She is in charge of NAAC and ISO, and is also the deputy QMR.
    • She is also a teacher guardian for undergraduate students 


Subject Semester / Year
Periodontology Third year, Final year BDS part I


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Internal auditor course on Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008 &ISO14001:2004) Internal Auditor TUV Rheiland (India) Pvt Ltd 2013
MDS (Master of dental surgery) Periodontology Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal MAHE 2011
BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) KLEs Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore 2002


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Periodontology, MCODS Manipal Reader/Associate Professor 2015 - till date
Department of Periodontology, MCODS Mangalore Assistant Professor 2011 - 2015
MCODS, Mangalore Tutor 2005 - 2006

Azithromycin in Periodontal Therapy: Beyond the Antibiotics

June 17, 2019 Dentistry Vijendra Pal Singh Dr. Sangeeta Umesh Nayak Sunil Kumar Nettemu Sowmya Nettem Yen Hui Lee Madhu B Verma

Periodontitis is a multifactorial disease, in which microorganisms in plaque biofilm play a major role. Scaling and root planing is the primary mode of non-surgical treatment for periodontal disease. Adjunctive use of an antimicrobial is advocated in certain periodontal disease conditions. Azithromycin might be considered a promising adjunctive drug in the treatment for periodontal disease because of its distinguished characteristic of immunomodulation, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic property along with the accumulation in higher concentration into the acute reactant cells and sustained release at the site of infection. This antibiotic is popular for its very simple dosage regime and limited side effects. The objective of this literature review to highlight the mechanism and potential favourable role in the management of various form of the periodontal disease. Keywords: Antibiotics; azithromycin; gingival overgrowth; macrolide; periodontal therapy.


Area of Interest

Clinical Periodontology, Dental Implantology, LASER

Area of Expertise

Periodontal surgery, Dental Implantology

Area of Research

Oro systemic link involving diabetes, Psychological stress, Individually trained oral prophylaxis

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Member of Red Cross Society, 2012
  • Life Member of Indian Society of Periodontology, 2011
  • Life Member of Indian Dental Association, 2011
  • Contributed chapters in textbook titled “Clinical Periodontology and Implantology” by Dilip G Naik, Ashita S Uppoor, Mahesh C P, 2nd edition
  • Contributed chapter in textbook titled “Clinical Periodontology” 3rd South Asia Edition

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    Arogyavani page in Udayavani Kannada newspaper, Gingivitis- signs, symptoms and management


    Gingivitis- article focused mainly on occurrence and how a public person can identify based the signs and symptoms of gingivitis in day today’s life. Periodontitis- article focused on what are it, its occurrence and clinical features and management in early stage and advanced stage. Halitosis- the article focused occurrence, intra oral and extra oral causes, diagnosis, management and home care.