The Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences (MCNS) was started in 2011 under the Manipal Research Group (MARG). The primary aim was to nurture fundamental research in the Natural Sciences and grow into a hub of excellence within Manipal Academy of Higher Education. In 2012, the fledgling MCNS came into its own as a Centre of Excellence under Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It is one of the first dedicated “all-research” Centres to be started within a University.


From its inception, a unique and vibrant academic program has been initiated and integrated with existing research at partner institutions in India and abroad. Building on its core strength in physics, MCNS has been expanding to other disciplines including pure mathematics, as part of an ambitious mandate.



               Director: Dr. Mohini Gupta

               Email: director.mcns@manipal.edu


               Dean (Research): Dr.M Prithviraj   

               Email: dean.mcns@manipal.edu



               a)  Physics


                    • Nuclear Physics


                        • Dr. Mohini Gupta, Professor

                           Email: mohini.gupta@manipal.edu

                        • Dr. Y.K. Gambhir, Distinguished Fellow

                           Email: yogy@phy.iitb.ac.in

                         • Dr.G. Muenzenberg, Distinguished Visiting Professor

                           Email: G.Muenzenberg@gsi.de

                        • Dr. Swaminathan Kailas, Adjunct Faculty

                           Email: swaminathankailas305@gmail.com

                        • Dr.Amit Roy, Adjunct Faculty

                           Email: amitroy1948@gmail.com

                        • Dr. Prasanta Kumar Rath, Research Faculty

                           Email: pk.rath@manipal.edu


                    • Nuclear Science


                        • Dr. K.V.Subbaiah, Consultant Professor & Radiological Safety Officer (RSO)


                       • Dr. Pradip K Sarkar, Adjunct Faculty & Additional RSO

                         Email: pradip.sarkar@manipal.edu

                        • Mr.Sachin shet, Junior Research Fellow

                           Email: sachin.shet@learner.manipal.edu


                    • Nuclear and Atomic Data


                        • Dr.V.Gopalakrishnan, Consultant Professor

                          Email: gopal.v@manipal.edu      


                   • Reactor Physics


                   • Astronomy & Astrophysics


                        • Dr.Debbijoy Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor


                         • Mr. Krishna Mohan, PhD student

                            Email: krishna.mohana@learner.manipal.edu

                        •  Ms. Sanna Gulati, PhD student

                           Email: sanna.gulati@learner.manipal.edu

                        •  Mr. B. Ananthamoorthy,  Junior Research Fellow  

                           Email: anantha.moorthy@learner.manipal.edu



                   • Theoretical Physics


                          • Dr. Urjit A Yajnik, Adjunct Professor,  

                            Email: yajnik@iitb.ac.in

                         • Dr. Kazuyuki Furuuchi, Associate Professor

                           Email: kazuyuki.furuuchi@manipal.edu

                         • Ms. Suvedha Suresh Naik, PhD Student


                         • Mr. Noel Jonathan Jobu,  Junior Research Fellow




                       • Condensed Matter Physics

                          • Dr. Vyasa Upadhayaya, Professor,  

                            Email: v.upadhyaya@manipal.edu


              b)    Mathematics Chair


                        • Prof. M.S. Narasimhan,  Dr.T.M.A. Pai Endowment Chair in Mathematics at MCNS

                           Email: narasim@math.tifrbng.res.in  


             c)    Chemistry



              d)    Science of Earth, Oceans and Space


                      •  Earth Science & Planetary Science Group


                      • Planetary Science


                           • Dr. Shalima Puthiyaveettil,  Research Faculty

                              Email: shalima.p@manipal.edu


               e)    Evolutionary Biology             


               f)  Geomorphology  


                           • Dr. Prithviraj M, Dean (Research)

                             Email: prithviraj.m@manipal.edu 

               g)    Non-teaching / Support Staff:


                       • Administrative staff


                           • Ms. Veena Kumari, Senior Executive, Director’s office

                              Email: veenag.nayak@manipal.edu

                           • Mr. Venkatesh, Associate, MCNS office

                              Email: office.mcns@manipal.edu


                       • Library staff:


                           • Dr. Jessy Saadi, Librarian

                              Email: lib.mcns@manipal.edu


                       • Junior & Assistant Engineers:


                           • Mr. Ramaprasada, Assistant Engineer, Computers and peripherals

                              Email: ram.prasada@manipal.edu  

                           • Mr. Ganesh Acharya, Junior Engineer, Projection systems


                       • General Duty Workers:


                           • Prakash Poojary

                           • Mr. Vijay Kumar

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Manipal University focuses on maintaining high standards of teaching and research.

Dr. Mohini Gupta



  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1953.00.00 Dr Pai with PM Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri's visit to Manipal1.jpg 1953

    Dr Pai with PM Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri. Kasturba Medical College, India’s first private medical college, was started.

    light-theme 1953
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1955.00.00%20KMC%201st%20building%20front%20view1.jpg 1955

    Kasturba Medical College opened.

    dark-theme 1955
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1957.05.11%20Manipal%20Engineering%20College%20inauguration%20by%20Sri%20S%20Nijalingappa1.jpg 1957

    MIT founded, Udupi Law College launched, and Medical Relief Society of South Canara set up to render services to rural areas.

    light-theme 1957
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/galleryImage/1962.00.00-1st-batch-diploma-nursing-students-annual-function2.jpg 1959


    School of Nursing, Manipal started


    light-theme 1959
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1960.00.00%20KMC%201st%20building%20&%20Physiology%20building.jpg 1960

    Kasturba General Hospital inaugurated.

    light-theme 1960
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1965.00.00%20College%20of%20Pharmeceutical%20Sciences%20estd%20by%20AOGE.JPG 1963

    College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal set up.

    light-theme 1963
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1965.00.00%20Sri%20Mahaveera%20College%20Moodbidri%20estd%20by%20AOGE.JPG 1965

    Sri Mahaveera and Jagadguru Chandrasekhara Bharati Memorial College inaugurated. College of Dental Surgery, Manipal unveiled

    light-theme 1965
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1969.11.05%20Inauguration%20of%20Valley%20View%20Health%20Club1.jpg 1968

    Valley View International Health Club launched

    light-theme 1968
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1971.12.30%201st%20Dialysis%20Machine%20in%20KH,%20Dr%20Panduranga%20Pai%20is%20seen%20on%20the%20bed1.jpg 1971

    First dialysis machine installed in Kasturba Hospital.

    light-theme 1971
  • light-theme

    Additions were made to the MIT engineering courses, for example, a one-year post-graduate diploma course was added in industrial engineering. Later in 1975, MEC changed its name to Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT).

    MIT has also taken an active part in community development in Manipal.  A land-use plan for the town has been developed by MIT staff, as well as standardized low-cost plans for college buildings.

  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1975.09.15%20OEU%20Canada%20Mobile%20Eye%20Unit3.jpg 1976

    A Canadian private foundation, Operation Eyesight Universal, gave Kasturba Hospital a completely equipped eye van. 

    light-theme 1976
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1979.00.00%20KH%20panaromic%20view.jpg 1979

    KMC celebrates its silver jubilee. Madhav Pai passes away. He was 81.


    Read More /content/mu/academics/institution-list/doc/about-doc/history/history1.html light-theme 1979
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    TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) was set up this year. Today, it is among the leading management institutes in the country. 

    TAPMI’s mission is to build capacity in professional management in the country, and closer home, to reinforce the existing educational and health infrastructure at Manipal.

    In early 2009, its 25th year running, TAPMI shifted to a new scenic 42-acre residential campus in Manipal.

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    TMA Pai Hospital (TMAPH) began functioning at Udupi, to provide quality out-patient and family-planning services to the people of Udupi and neighboring localities.

    Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure like ICUs with ventilators, fully equipped operation theatres, radiology service, ultrasound and laboratory etc., the hospital has links with the tertiary-care Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, which ensures priority treatment to patients on referral from Dr TMA Pai Hospital.

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    It was a time when the hotel industry was still in its infancy; there was a dearth of trained professionals and training colleges. The College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Studies (CHARMS) was established in October 1986 as a unit of the Dr TMA Pai Foundation. 

    In August 1987, the Foundation joined hands with Welcomgroup, the Hotels division of ITC Ltd, and  the college was renamed the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA). 

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    Manipal College of Nursing was established at Manipal.  In 1991, Manipal Hospital Bangalore (MHB) was set up, accredited by NABH and AAHRPP, and comprising 55 clinical departments and 11 centers of excellence. 

    It is a flagship hospital under Manipal Health Enterprises and a landmark healthcare destination in south India. Ranked the Best Super specialty Hospital in Bangalore by THE WEEK-HANSA, it is among the best hospitals in India for cardiology.


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    In 1992, the KMC Hospital at Attavar, Mangalore was set up as a teaching hospital of KMC, Mangalore and an associate hospital of Manipal University.  

    That very year, the Shirdi Sai Baba Cancer Hospital and Research Centre was set up.

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    Manipal Academy of Higher Education awarded Deemed University status by Government of India, and is renamed Manipal University.

  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/mcoms-img.jpg 1994

    Manipal College of Medical Sciences established in Pokhara, Nepal

    light-theme 1994
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    • 1996 - Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences, Gangtok, launched.
    • 1997- Melaka Manipal Medical College established in Malaysia. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology established.
    • 1998- Manipal Institute of Communication set up.
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1998.00.00%20Dr%20Pai's%20birth%20centinary%20postal%20stamp%20release.JPG 1998


    Manipal Institute of Communication set up. Dr Pai's birth centenary stamp released.


    light-theme 1998
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/1999.00.00%20MGM%20Golden%20Jubilee%20Postal%20Special%20Cover%20(Dr%20Pai's%20picture).jpg 1999

    The Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences (MCOAHS), now School of Allied Health Sciences (SOAHS) was established in 1999.

    light-theme 1999
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/campus%20dubai.jpg 2000

    Manipal University Dubai inaugurated.

    light-theme 2000
  • http://www.youtube.com/embed/HqvcyBLQG6Q?modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0&wmode=opaque light-theme 2003 2003
  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/kmc-mangalore/images/galleryImage/308A9881.jpg 2010


    World class sports complex MARENA, launched in Manipal.


    light-theme 2010
  • light-theme

    MU Chancellor and President Dr Ramdas Pai awarded Padma Bhushan. Dr Ramdas Pai becomes second Indian to be honoured with Malaysian title ‘Datuk’. Manipal University Jaipur launched.

  • /content/dam/manipal/mu/foa/Images/banners/kmc-manipal-3-banner.jpg 2012

    Manipal Museum of Anatomy and Pathology opened.

    light-theme 2012
  • light-theme

    Manipal Group celebrates 60 years in Education and Healthcare. Golden Peacock Environment Management award for Manipal University. Manipal University Jaipur awarded 

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