Frequently asked questions about KMC Mangalore.

Can a foreign student apply to KMC?

What is the teaching methodology at KMC?

Do students of KMC work outside India?

Does the institute have any collaboration with other private or public organisations?

Where do the KMC students generally intern?

Do the students get an opportunity to present their research papers in international conferences?

How far are the hostels from the institute buildings?

What is the medium of instructions? Is the local language necessary for practice in hospital?

Does the college reserve any PG seats for students who have done UG studies from KMC?

Are there any awards/scholarships for meritorious students? Please detail.

What is the USP of KMC, Mangalore ?

What are the research initiatives available for the Medical Students ?

What are the various academic opportunities available to the Students ?

Participation in Extracurricular Activities