Department of Public Policy (DPP)

Rapid globalization and digitalization in the context of the 4th Industrial revolution have created enormous disruption in global governance and have challenged existing norms, standards, and regulations governing policies and policy decisions globally. Public Policymaking in the 21st century is complex and uncertain. Government, Industry, Think Tank, and Academia is looking for professionals who can understand these complexities of policymaking and policy advocacy. The 2-year Post Graduate Programme offered at MAHE-Bengaluru comes at a critical and opportune time to bridge this gap between demand and supply of trained policy Makers and Analysts. 

Public Policy Professionals will have cross-cutting employment opportunities as Policy Analyst, Policy Advocate, Knowledge Management Professionals, and Policy entrepreneurs in Public Administration, Think Tank, Industry, Research, and Academic institutions. 


Collaborations with other departments Institutions:

·        Law

·        Management

·        Technology

·        Economics, Finance, and Banking

·        Commerce

·        Health, Humanities, and Social Sciences

·        International Universities

Prospects & Placements

Students will have a sea of opportunities in diverse sectors. Fresh graduates will have an opportunity to work as Policy Associates and Policy Coordinators. Based on experience they get promoted to Policy Officers in specific sectors. 

Industry placements/Internships

MAHE Department of Public Policy can be a Policy simulation Lab. Industry, Academia, and Development sectors offer internships to students to undertake projects on current policy problems and also the simulation of futuristic solutions in Public Policy to achieve effective Population outcomes.

Satisfactory completion of a supervised internship is an essential requirement for any student to obtain a degree in the programme. A student may opt for any approved institutions/organizations for his/her internship for the duration of a minimum of two months and the activities of the internship will be reported along with the project report to the department.

A student enrolled in the program shall carry out an industrial/research project, on the approval of the faculty committee, in the second year of the programme. The project will be supervised by a faculty member (internal and/or external). The project report must be submitted before the end of the second year of the program as per the academic schedule.




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