2020 Newsletter

Presenting the first issue for this year packed with informative and creative content, and an exciting exercise for your gray cells. - Vivus Volume 6 Issue 1 Download


From unravelling the mysteries behind Mummies to unravelling the wisdom of noted Professors, here's Vivus 6.2 packed with knowlegde, fun and memories for you -
Vivus Volume 6 Issue 2 Download


The third issue of Vivus Volume 6 celebrates the winners of PRIMER 2020 and the Newton-Bhabha Ph.D. placements programme, as well as inspirational remarks from an IPS officer and creative poetry and artwork from our beloved students. - Vivus Volume 6 Issue 3 Download


Bringing the last issue of Vivus Volume 6 featuring a plethora of insightful article, poetry, and entertaining comics, in addition to a range of intriguing and informative facts. - Vivus Volume 6 Issue 4 Download