Dr. Shubha H. S.

Professor | Head of the Department - Media Studies | Coordinator - Multimedia Resource Centre

Prof. Shubha has been teaching graduate and postgraduate students for more than 20 years. Her interdisciplinary interests took her to departments like Social work and Public health where she taught communication-related courses. She is a media literacy trainer, for the BBC Young Reporter India, trained by BBC Dataleads and Internews. She is a soft skills trainer. She has taught courses and conducted lectures to media students in UAE, Germany, and other institutes in India. In addition to teaching, her expertise lies in scripting and directing videos. Through her Multimedia Resource Centre, she has actively engaged in the production of audio-visual programs on diverse topics.

Manipal Institute of Communication

Qualification: Ph.D. , M.S.(Communication)


    Professor: Teaching courses to Graduate and Postgraduate students

    Ph.D. Guide, MIC

    Coordinator: International Programs, MIC & Technical committee, MIC

    Warden: Girls hostels, MAHE


Subject Semester / Year
Broadcast Media Histrionics MAMC IV
Design for Print BAMC II
Human Communication and Presentation Skills BAMC I
Sound Design and Aesthetics MAFA I


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Ph.D. Media Studies MAHE, Manipal 2017
MS Communication Manipal Institute of Communication 2000


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal Associate Professor Teaching, research, administration July 2010 to now
Technische Hochschule Nurnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Nuremberg, Germany Visiting Faculty on fellowship Teaching Dec 2017; May 2018; May 2019
University of Applied Sciences. Bremen, Germany Research fellow Research July 2015-Aug 2016
University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany Visiting Faculty on DAAD Scholarship Teaching May to July 2011
Manipal University, Dubai Senior Lecturer Teaching August 2006-July 2010
Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal Lecturer Teaching August 2002- July 2006
Asian Network for Women in Communication, Manipal Project Associate Project work 2000-02
Muscat Institute of Computer Education, Muscat Trainer Computer trainer 1995
ICDS Ltd. Manipal and Bangalore Officer Administration 1994-95
Dolphin International Pvt Ltd. New Delhi Executive Handling Exports 1992-94

Understanding Political Messages In Amul Advertisements.

2019/6/1 Political messages, Advertisements Karthik Nair Shubha H S

Study about Political messages in Amul Advertisements

Effect of shifting orthographic practices of Manipuri Script on millennials.

2018/11/1 Manipuri language script, young people Beda Vikash Shubha H S

Changing nature of Manipuri script

Connected Complexities : Studying Young People's Attachment To The Internet And Its Association With Their Quality Of Life

2018/8 Internet Usage, Quality of life of young people Shubha H S

Study about internet usage among young people

Book Review of Kids Online : Opportunities and Risks for children

2018/1 Internet Usage, children in Europe Shubha H S

Internet use and children

Internet as determinant of quality of life of young adults An exploratory study of under graduate students in Udupi Manipal and Bremen

2017/4 Internet usage, quality of life, young people Shubha H S Padma Rani

Study about internet usage by young people and its relationship with their quality of life

Role of Internet in Socio-cultural Adaptation Among International Students: A Study in Germany

2016 Internet Usage, socio cultural adaptation, young people Shubha H S

Study about social cultural adaptation among international students

Asian Strategies for Media Monitoring : GMMP 2005

2004/9 Global Media Monitoring Project, Gender and Media, News Shubha H S

Conducting research on representation of women in news media : Global Media Monitoring Project

The Need for Media Monitoring

2004/7 Women and media representation Shubha H S

Media Monitoring, News, Women and Media


Area of Interest

Media Studies, Gender and Media, Health communication, Diaspora studies, Audience studies, New Media, Young users of the media, Broadcast production

Area of Expertise

Internet & New Media, Sound, Radio and aural medium, Non verbal communication, Television studies, Broadcast production

Area of Research

New Media, Internet and ICT, Health communication, Media and Gender, Youth and media, Politics and new media

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Member of International Association of Media & Communication Research(IAMCR)
  • Reviewer, Journalism Practice, Web of Science Journal
  • Chaired academic sessions in national and international conferences
  • Member Board of Studies and Board of Examination in colleges
  • Resource person for conducting workshops on presentation skills, soft skills 

Work Experience

Organisation Role Tenure
Dolphin International Pvt Ltd Executive, sourcing and processing export of various products from India
ICDS Ltd, Manipal and Bangalore Officer, maintained hire purchase and lease accounts
Muscat Institute of Computer Education Trainer
Asian Network of Women in Communication Project Associate, wrote, edited, designed and published a quarterly journal called impact for international circulation, conducted workshops on representation of women in the media

Media and Development

2000-01-07 Shashikala Gurupur Murthy

July 2000, Voices. From media assessment to human development: a case of gender equity.

Why women journalists should network?


November 2000, Women in Journalism, Voices.

Experiences of making of a training manual for community radio

2004-01-04 Kinnari Modi

April 2004, Rediscovering Radio in India, Ford Foundation.

Global media monitoring project : Asian strategies by ANWIC


July 2004, Asia Pacific NGO Forum, Bangkok.

Integrating gender sensitivity into mass communication and journalism curriculum


September 2004, classroom intervention for gender sensitivity, Sarojini Naidu School of Communication an Fine Arts, Hyderabad,

Cultural identification through television soap operas : an exploratory study of women spectators in Indian Diaspora in UAE


February 2008.

Udupi and Subramanya


2006, Outlook Traveller, 101 pilgrimages in India.

Numerous travelogues from Europe


July 2011, www.tsr.net.co.

Internet’s role in quality of life of bachelor degree students in Udupi and Manipal: An exploratory study


December 2012.

A study on the relationship between internet connectedness index and youth culture

2013-01-06 Dr Padma Rani

June 2013, Communicating cultural diplomacy through media, Taylors School of Communication, Malaysia.

Exploring socio cultural consequences of male sexual assault

October 2019 Young People Yasmin Ambari Shubha H S

The research explored male sexual assault and its socio cultural consequences.

Study on Impact of Data Privacy Perspective on Indian Youth

October 2019 Data privacy, GDPR, India Bikash Gurung Shubha H S

The research explored the awareness of data privacy among internet users.

Study on news consumption patterns through Facebook by the Youth

October 2018 Internet usage, Social media, Young people Skyla Janice Pereira Shubha H S

The research studied the patterns of young people consuming news through Facebook

The growth of Listicles and its consumption by Youth.

October 2018 Internet usage, News, Young people Rege Shriya Ravindra Manisha Shubha H S

The research explored the use of listicles by young people and compared its preference with long-form articles

A study on the usage of Twitter by Politicians and its influence on voting behavior of youth in Karnataka state Elections 2018

October 2018 Twitter usage, Elections, Young people, political communication Aditya Ranjan Shubha H S

The research studied the use of Twitter among the political parties in Karnataka State elections and explored if the voters were influenced by the Tweets.

Shifting orthographic practices of Manipuri Script in Print Media

October 2017 Language, script, Young people Beda Bikash Salam Shubha H S

The research studied the Manipuri script in the print media and explored how the changing script is affecting the young people in Manipur

A study of the coverage of non-communicable diseases in major English and Kannada daily newspaper in Udupi

May 2018 Non-communicable diseases, Print media Chitra Kotian Shubha H S Sumit Kumar

The research studied the newspapers for news on non-communicable diseases. Interviews were conducted with journalists and doctors about their perspectives on NCD reporting.

An exploratory study on the effects of social media usage on the self esteem of university students in Goa. October 2017

October 2017 Social media usage, self-esteem, Young people Akshatha SamanthShubha H S Shubha H S

The research explored the effects on the self esteem of young people due to the use of social media.

An exploratory study on the use of social media applications by women entrepreneurs in the informal sector

October 2017 Social media usage, Women entrepreneurs Aishwarya Kudva Shubha H S

The research explored how women entrepreneurs in the informal sector use social media applications

Analysis of internet usage on the buying behavior of college students in Udupi and Manipal.

October 2016 Internet usage, online shopping, Young people Veekshitha Kumari Padmashali Shubha H S

The research explored the online shopping habits of students in Udupi and Manipal

Study on Twitter use by External Affairs Minister of India, Sushma Swaraj

October 2016 Twitter usage, Elections, Political communication Vinaya R Mestha Shubha H S

The research analysis of the tweets of India's former External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj

Understanding the online and offline interactions and identity of the youth of Manipal

April 2015 Internet usage, Identity, Young people Yashna Muthanna Shubha H S

The research explored how internet usage and the identity of young people are interrelated

Examining the appeals of Coca Cola and Pepsi Television commercials

October 2014 Appeal, Coca Cola, Pepsi, TV commercials Ashmit Anand Shubha H S

The research examined the appeals of Coca Cola and Pepsi commercials on Television

An expression of Love : A study of the songs in the musical film – Les Miserables

October 2014 Musical films, analysis Liane Noronha Shubha H S

The research examined the songs in the landmark film Les Miserables and their expression of love

Influence of Television advertisements : An analysis of the buying behavior of women in Udupi city

April 2014 Women, Television advertisements, buying behavior Bhavya Pandya Shubha H S

The research studied the buying behavior of women in Udupi and the influence of television advertisements.

An exploratory study on the online shopping habits among women

October 2013 Women, online shopping habits, Internet usage Shambhavi Hiremath Shubha H S

The research explored the online shopping habits of women

Fashion as a symbol of non verbal communication : An Analysis of American origin TV series Gossip Girl

October 2013 Tv Series, Fashion, non verbal communication Nishitha P K Shubha H S

The research analysed an American series and studied how it presents fashion as a symbol of non verbal communication

Interpreting stereotypes and values in children animation : A study of Chota Bheem

October 2013 Television Series, Children, Animation, Stereotypes Apoorva Poojary G Shubha H S

The research interpreted stereotypes and values projected in Chota Bheem

Brand identity and peoples perceptions of Ford, Volkswagon and Toyota in India : A comparative study

April 2013 Brand identity, perception Ben Joel David Shubha H S

The research compared brand identity, perception in automobiles in India. Toyota, Volkswagon and Ford

Coverage of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012 by two English daily newspapers : The Hindu and The Times of India

October 2012 Indian Premium League 2012, Newspaper Priya Singh Shubha H S

The research compared the coverage of IPL in The Hindu and TOI

New media and political communication : An Analysis of the National E governance plan and its sustainability

October 2012 New Media, Political communication, E governance Narottam Medhora Shubha H S

The research analysed the national e-governance scheme and studied its sustainability

Marketing and its influence : A study of Cadbury’s TV Advertising

April 2012 Influence and marketing, Cadbury’s, TV advertising Anjana Yelavarthy Shubha H S

The research explored the influence of TV advertising of Cadbury’s

Analysis of advertising war between The Times of India and The Hindu and its impact on Media Students of Manipal

October 2012 Advertising war, TOI & The Hindu, Media Students, Narendran Sivakumar Shubha H S

The research analyzed the advertising war between The Hindu and Times of India and how it impacted media students perspective on the two media organizations

Spoof film : A study of the scary movie and its perception among the viewers

October 2012 Movie & Perception Vinayak Prabhu Shubha H S

The perception among viewers of Spoof film

Virtual reality: A study on the evolution of gaming and its impact on the youth with a special reference to ‘Second Life’

October 2011 Online Gaming, Young people, Second Life Nischitha Sharath Shubha H S

The research explored the impact of the online game Second Life on youth

Understanding Bollywood Item numbers : A Feminist Analysis

October 2011 Bollywood Item numbers, Feminist analysis Srinidhi Venkatraman Shubha H S

The research analyzed item numbers in Bollywood from a feminist perspective

Capitalism in Asimov’s Foundation : An Analysis

October 2011 Analysis, Review Kailash Koushik Shubha H S

The research analysed Capitalism in Asimov’s Foundation

Exploratory study on Stress amongst Journalists : Survey in Bangalore

October 2011 Journalists, Stress Poorvi Praveen Shubha H S

The research explored stress among journalists in Bangalore

Friends : A semiotic Analysis of the social messages in the youth iconic sitcom

October 2011 TV Series, Friends, Social communication Ritika Jaipuriyar Shubha H S

The research analyzed the social messages in Friends

Perception of Mens Fairness creams : Exploratory study

October 2011 Men''s Fairness creams; Customer perception Garima Singh Shubha H S

The research explored the perception of Mens fairness creams

Analyzing political ideologies in the narrative of American Sitcoms of the 1970’s : A study of All in the Family

October 2010 TV Series, Political ideologies Anjali Nand Kumar Shubha H S

The research analysed political ideologies in All in the Family

Design Aesthetics in Womens Magazines : An analysis of the current trends in design aesthetics of womens lifestyle magazines : layout, typography and photography

October 2010 Design aesthetics, Womens lifestyle magazines Anandha Kumar Shubha H S

The research analyzed the trends in women's lifestyle magazine design