Dr. Ashita Uppoor,
Involved in organizing and conducting seminars for empowering faculty and students in Manipal and several institutions outside Manipal.

Dr. Ashita Uppoor

MDS Periodontology



Working at MCODS Mangalore from 1995 till date, in various faculty positions and is currently, Dean of Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore 

Areas of Interest in Teaching

Peridoontal Regeneration, Dental Implants


Top 5 Publications

1. 2006:Periodontal Infections and cardiovascular disease - Is it a mere association

2. 2009:Pyogenic granuloma associated with bone loss - A case report

3. 2011:Efficacy of preservative interproximal papilla flap design In minimizing crestal bone loss around single tooth implant - A randomized controlled clinical trial

4. 2012:Clinical and radiographic evaluation of Nano-crystalline hydroxyapatite bone graft (Sybogral) in combination with bio resorbable collagen membrane (Periocol) in periodontal intrabony defect

5. 2013:Black triangle dilemma and its management in esthetic dentistry