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Teacher Guardian System

Getting into a professional course has a lot of expectation tagged along by the student and the parents. Walking into the unknown and new territory could be difficult without the proper orientation. The teaching protocol and learning system is different and unique in the professional courses and requires strict discipline and determination to excel and learn. In view of these the Manipal College of Dental Sciences has put in vogue the orientation and teacher guardian programme which act as a mentoring system for the candidates. In Teacher Guardian Scheme, teachers take up the responsibility of the newly admitted students. The teachers act as “parents” and support them in their endeavour to acclimatize to the environs in Mangalore.

On admission the students have an orientation programme organized by the institution. First BDS students along with their parents are oriented towards college curriculum, syllabus, rules, regulations and facilities provided. On day one of the students joining the course the students and parents are given a brief over view of the college, the teaching systems, the exam pattern, importance of attendance, continual assessment protocols, dress code etc. The dean’s address includes a well-documented presentation which highlights the subjects taught, the number of classes, location of the campus for learning, the library, hostel facilities etc.

The students are informed about the previous performances of the institute, the number of faculty and administrative staff instilling confidence in the system followed. The students are then introduced to the college administrators, heads of the departments, the hostel wardens and teacher guardians. This kind of interaction all in one roof saves a lot of time and gives confidence to the parents and their wards in the Institute.

Following the orientation programme the parents and students pre-divided into small batches of ten students under an assigned a teacher guardian. In this programme each of the newly admitted BDS students are assigned to a particular faculty member who has the responsibility of being their “Teacher Guardian”. The student can approach his/her respective “Teacher-Guardian” with any difficulty he/ she may be having (Academic or otherwise). The Teacher Guardian monitors the progress of his/ her students by reviewing the student’s Attendance & Internal assessment marks at regular intervals. If any deficiencies are noted in the performance the issues are discussed in the departmental level, student affairs committee and the staff council meeting and efforts are made to recognize the reason for the poor performance & necessary corrective measures are taken after consulting the respective departments. Corrective measures may include holding remedial classes, additional assessment exams & counselling if necessary.

The teacher guardian system is in place for all the 4 years of BDS helping the parents be in touch with the progress of their ward.

                The “Mentor”/ “Teacher Guardian” programme for the students has ensured consistent results and maintenance of discipline in the institute. 



Sl. No.

Name of the Teacher Guardians



Dr. Prashanthi Madhyastha, Sl. Gr. Lect. In Dental Materials.

Mob: 9880804623



Dr. Nanditha R. Sujir,  Asst. Prof.  of Oral Medicine.

Mob: 9480401324



Dr. Nidhin Philip Jose, Reader in Orthodontics.

Mob:  9945010493



Dr. Sharon J.R. Saldanha, Assoc. Prof. in Prosthodontics.   

Mob:  9880852730



Dr. Umesh Y. Pai , Assoc. Prof. Of  Prosthodontics.

Mob: 9741729097



Dr. Mahesh M.,  Assoc. Prof in Prosthodontics.

Mob: 9880855365



Dr. Amitha J. Lewis,  Assoc. Prof  In Oral Pathology.

Mob: 9886280363



Dr. Nandita K.P., Assoc. Prof. Oral Pathology.

Mob: 9845332060


Dr. Roma M , Asst. Prof. In Conservative Dentistry

 Mob: 9901027974


Dr. Shwetha S Yellapurkar, Lecturer in Oral Pathology.

Mob: 9591955590




Sl. No.

Name of the Teacher Guardians



Dr. Shravan Shetty , Asst. Prof. In Orthodontics

 Mob: 7411197827



Dr. Puneet Hegde, Reader In Prosthodontics, (for Regular and IR Batch)

Mob: 9886441384



Dr. Nidhi Manaktala, Reader  In Oral Pathology.

 Mob: 9242492726





Sl. No.

Name of the Teacher Guardians



Dr. Puttur Laxmish Mallya, Assoc. Prof.  in Conservative Dentistry

Mob: 9945677760



Dr. Swati, Assoc. Prof. of Periodontology (Also Part – II IR Batch)

Mob: 9986416789


Dr. Sangeeta U. Nayak, Reader in  Periodontology (for Regular and IR Batch)



Final BDS Part - I TEACHER GUARDIANS- 2017-18


Sl. No.

Name of the Teacher Guardians



Dr. Supriya Nambiar, Assoc. Prof. in Orthodontics

Mob: 9845628807



Dr. Ceena Denny E, Assoc. Prof. OMR

Mob: 9986597112



Dr. Nanditha Shenoy, Assoc. Prof. Of Oral Medicine.

Mob: 9901730507