The English program at MCH is distinctive for its emphasis on developing nuanced and mature literary sensibilities by employing the most contemporary scholarship. Moving away from the dated colonial study of periodisation in literature that scans literary texts and canonical writers linearly through the centuries, the MCH program offers innovative and challenging courses on Indian Literature, Modern International Literature, as well as emerging areas such as Film Studies and Gender Studies. Students are trained towards rigorous in-depth textual analysis and encouraged to develop sophisticated writing and research skills. The program prides itself on re-imagining scholastic and creative engagement with literatures -- premodern, modernist, contemporary, and in translation -- in a wide spectrum that inspires students to discover and refine their interests.



Students enter MCH in one of the three streams for a Master of Arts degree: English, Sociology, or History. The first year at MCH is considered a foundation year. All students will take the same four courses each semester irrespective of their selected stream.  

In the third semester (second year of the MA program), students have three subjects in their core subject. The fourth and final semester has only two core subjects as each student works towards a final MA thesis of 20,000 words for 12 credits.

In the third semester, MA students will also be given an additional grade (6 credits) for their Academic Portfolio which includes participation in, and help with MCH academic and cultural events during the two years of the program. These events are an important component of the holistic learning experience at MCH.



MCH strongly encourages the development of research skills and temperament in a young scholar. At the heart of the MA program is a student’s work towards their thesis, a substantial and original project of academic research and writing. 

Working closely with faculty expertise, students are taught to find a subject area that they are strongly drawn to. They are then expected to read relevant scholarship on the area, as well as apply the scholarship—the area of application may be literary or philosophical texts, field sites, archives, film, creative writing, etc. The thesis is an integral part of MCH education and students will be supported in thinking of the thesis project as early in the program as possible, if they have demonstrated strong academic capacity and motivation. Many MCH thesis have gone on to be published as monographs, in academic presses, in public media, as well as fiction, non-fiction and so on.

The Student Handbook provided on Orientation Day will contain further details about academic and extra-curricular activities at the Centre. All rules and guidelines specified in the handbook will apply. 

MCH students who opt to join the PhD program are exempted from doing PhD coursework.




2 years (4 semesters)

Key Dates & Deadlines



Jul ' 22

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date

Career Paths

Many MCH Alumni have gone on to have successful careers in media, publishing, education, social sector, corporate sector, and arts management. Students have also been accepted in doctoral programs in prestigious international universities such as the University of Pennsylvania (USA), University of Chicago (USA), Columbia University, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), University of Toronto (Canada), University of Kent (UK), University of Groningen (Netherlands), University of Western Ontario, and Australian National University.

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