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The Department of Public Health was Instituted in 2009. The Institute’s vision is to build a highly competent group of Professionals having a strong knowledge base and expertise in understanding, assessing, analyzing and evaluating the broad range of health and psychological issues prevalent in the community and society.

In December-2017, the Department of Public Health became the Prasanna School of Public Health. The Institute has a well-established network with a number of Universities abroad and also strong links with Public, Private and Governmental Institutions.

The Prasanna School of Public Health (PSPH) is part of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, India, which has been awarded the status of an Institute of Eminence by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in 2018. Over the past twenty-five years, MAHE has set standards in the fields of medical care, research and outreach and PSPH is an expression of MAHE’s dedication to professionalism and cutting edge global and national public health education and research.

All the programs at Prasanna School of Public Health were introduced at an appropriate time when the whole world has been looking for trained Public Health professionals to tackle the emerging challenges. The larger objective of the course would be to build capacity in Public Health, Social Work, Hospital Administration and Data Science both at National and International levels.

Prasanna School of Public Health has excellent working relations with WHO, UNICEF, industries and other international organizations. PSPH, across its various courses, offers its students tremendous field exposure, trainings in social and medical research, knowledge on academic writing and publishing and builds their capacities to respond to public health across spectrums. Whether as public health professionals, administrators or as social workers, students and researchers from PSPH are well-versed in statistics, research methods, field practice, programme management, innovation in service delivery and in responding to national and global policy needs. PSPH envisages its role as a pioneer institute that attracts dedicated students and researchers and contributes to the growing field of public health through targeted interventions and trained professionals.

PSPH combines within its mandates research, development and teaching in the areas of public health, hospital administration, social work, and data science through masters level courses offered for a two-year duration. All these three dimensions are required and appropriate responses to national and global health challenges that India faced over the past few decades. PSPH is gearing towards becoming a global presence that anticipates and responds appropriately to the public health needs of the future.


To be a ”game-changer” in academia and research with a focus on translating evidence into policy decisions and to attain excellence and sustainability in public health by training next generations of public health leaders according to their future needs.


To be among the top three schools of Public Health in India and the top twenty schools of Public Health in the world by 2025.



To support MAHE to achieve top 200 rank in the World QS ranking system by 2025.