OVERVIEW - The Master of Social Work (MSW) Program is offered by the Prasanna School of Public Health. The MSW Program includes theoretical classes, concurrent social work practice, skill building workshops, action research, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Project work, community camp, study tour are part of the interactive syllabus.

MSW (Master of Social Work) Program at Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE, Manipal has been ranked 3rd among Emerging Colleges in Social Work and ranked 16th in the overall rankings according to India Today-MDRA (Marketing and Development Research Associates) Best Colleges Rankings for the year 2020. MSW (Master of Social Work) Program, Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE, Manipal has been ranked 14th among India's Top Social Work Institutes (India's Top Professional Colleges - Private) according to Outlook-ICARE The Best Professional Colleges Rankings for the year 2020. 

The main strengths of the course are:

- Competency driven curriculum

- Unique theory & field work integrated program

- Collaborations with national and international institution

- Community services and developing human interaction

- Combination of professional and humane touch towards social development


SPECIALIZATIONS - The Course offers specializations in the following streams:

  • Community Development
  • Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations
  • Medical & Psychiatric Social Work

The curriculum includes

  • Workshops, educational tours and training programs
  • Concurrent Field work practice and industry based internships for integrating theory and practice
  • Rural camp and study tours for field immersion and active learning opportunities
  • Seminars/workshops/ conferences
  • Case studies, debates and group discussions in theory as well as practical applications of key aspects of social work
  • Video presentation, documentaries and film presentations


Medical & Psychiatric Social Work - ·         

  • Hospital setting: Working in the areas of disabilities, varied dimensions of health, mental health, de-addiction, specific research programs and targeted public health concerns. Social workers are also in demand in various departments (oncology, renal health, neurology etc) and also work as counsellors in the psychiatric and palliative care departments and as organ transplant co-ordinators for the hospitals
  • Community setting: Social workers are in demand as project planners, community organizers, liasion officers and community mobilizers in fields such as gerontology, anti-poverty interventions, child rights groups and working for the health of women and other vulnerable groups
  • NGO: Demands in NGOs for social workers to fulfill roles ranging from community mobilizers, project managers, documentation experts, specialists in specific skills such as livelihood generations, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation to advocacy and social activist based roles
  • Government setting: Researcher and program developer in departments such as the Home ministry, Child and Women Welfare Departments and the Department of Social Justice. There are roles in the justice system as direct case workers, policy analysts and as Panchayat development officers 
  • Education setting: Researchers and lecturers
  • Entrepreneur: Therapists and providing individual consultancies

Human Resource Management

  • Industries and Service: HR executives leading to career opportunities as HR managers and beyond. Based on interest, one can select from a wide range from roles in recruitment, pay role, compliance service, industrial relations, social welfare, worker monitoring and training, performance appraisal, corporate social responsibilities and other business partner roles
  • NGO settings: Business developer and HR with programme coordinator, Manager, freelance recruiter roles
  • Government setting: Panchayat offices, Banking sectors and associated agencies such as NABARD, specific roles in the labour department, PF office, ESI offices
  • Education setting: Researchers and lecturers
  • Self-Employment: HR consultancy firms and individual consultancies

Community Development

  • NGO: Community organizer, field worker and project coordinator working in the areas of training, capacity building, project management in livelihoods, sustainability and environment protection, human rights, anti-poverty, child welfare and with vulnerable groups in various settings
  • Government setting: Panchayat Development Officers, Women and Children Welfare Department specialists, prison setting, community workers and other government social welfare and education based interventions
  • Opportunities to work with UNICEF, UNDP, Red cross, Amnesty international, NABARD and many such organizations


One university exam for each subject at the end of each semester

  • Two internal exams for each subject during the semester
  • Written exam
  • Presentations and assignments
  • Minimum marks: 25 in the internals on 50 and 25 in the University exams on 50 to pass a semester 
  • A minimum of 75% attendance required to appear in the exam and move to next semester

Outline - Master of social work



2 years (4 semesters)

Key Dates & Deadlines


Sun May 30 2021

May ' 21

Last date to Apply


Jul ' 21

Tentative Course Commencement Date



Access to hospital facilities gives student hands-on training

Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre
State-of-the-art Innovation Centre facilitates multi-disciplinary research


Laboratories give students the opportunity for practical experience

Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness
Marena has world-class facilities with courts for badminton, tennis, soccer & squash, as well as a well-equipped gymnasium


Libraries give students access to study resources, digital and print

Student Housing

Student Housing
Student hostels are their homes away from homes

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