The Department of Geopolitics and International Relations offers two year MA Program in Geopolitics and International Relations largely to orient the younger minds towards strategic issues. The main thrust of the program is to evolve the Indian perspective on the contemporary world geopolitical environment. The course combines the elements of geopolitics, foreign policy, counter-terrorism issues, public diplomacy, maritime security, India’s national security, defense management, the strategy used in negotiations, intelligence information gathering mechanism, science and technology, the political system of major powers, Indian political system and major discourse on nuclear futures.

The department also offers a PhD program, which helps in capacity building in strategic studies and emphasizes quality research on pertinent important themes impacting International Relations. The Department of Geopolitics and International Relations  engages in building the critical mass of young strategic analysts.

The MA program in Geopolitics and International Relations has a comprehensive curriculum mainly dealing with the major Geopolitical regions of the world and how India makes responses through its foreign policy choices. The curriculum also combines and compliments technology with strategy.


Vision & Mission


To secure the nation and the world through the understanding of the nuances of peace and conflict issues. To create an interdependent world by understanding the geopolitical and geostrategic developments in this era of globalization.”



To train and orient the young generation to become a national security and defense specialist.