Historical progress of the Institution


The department of Geopolitics and International Relations started the Master's program in the year 2010. The mandate of the department has been to help develop young groups of specialists who can analyze the emerging challenges to the geopolitical environment from India’s point of view.  The department has attracted students from a number of disciplines including Natural Sciences and Engineering, Political Science, Mass Media and Communications, Psychology, English Literature, Commerce, Pharmacy and Law.


The course has proven useful because of its multidisciplinary nature. The training and orientation provided to the students have helped in shaping some of the students towards analysis and strategic thinking. The Department sends all its students for internships in well-known think tanks of India with proper planning. Each student is expected to write a research paper on the area of their research interests.


The students are sent as speakers for the major national and international conferences on pertinent important themes impacting global peace and stability.   


The department has signed an MOU with several universities

  • University of Warsaw, Poland
  • University of Miami, USA
  • Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Metropolitan University of Prague
  • Indian Council for World Affairs-ICWA
  • NTRO
  • DAE.