Head of the Department's Message

Head of the Department's Message

Director's Message

Welcome to the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations. I am delighted to apprise that Manipal Academy of Higher Education has taken this initiative perhaps for the first time in India to start a Post Graduate Programme in Geopolitics and International Relations.


The basic objective of the programme is to evolve a holistic understanding on the ongoing international security discourse from India’s perspective. The post graduate programme has been designed in such a way that the younger generation of India can be oriented towards strategic studies, foreign policy, national security issues and larger dimension of international politics.


We take pride in saying that this course is well apt for those who would like to become a good strategic and national security specialists.


The Department of Geopolitics endeavours to promote and inculcate interest among young minds and helps in building the critical mass of researchers on the complexities of International Relations. It has been possible because of the team effort and the dedicated faculty of the Department.


All the very best,

Dr Arvind Kumar