Why Geopolitics and International Relations at MAHE


The students get a holistic understanding of the ongoing international security discourse. The benefits are seen mainly in terms of getting a quality education, comprehensive exposure and the freedom to choose the area of research interests. The Department organizes special sessions with the experts for a better understanding of the subject. It also encourages, motivates and orients the young minds so that India has a critical mass of the strategic analysts and that helps in evolving India’s perspectives on the complexities of international relations.


The curriculum of the Masters two year program has been designed keeping in mind the contemporary discourse on the emerging international security and geopolitical environment. Manipal Academy of Higher Education is perhaps the only University in India that teaches Geopolitics and International Relations.


The unique feature of the course is to provide practical experience of working in a think tank/research institute. The students are sent to the best possible think tanks and research institutes in India and abroad for two months as a part of the summer internship.


Other important features and specialties of the institution include:

  • The Curriculum is in consonance with the contemporary Geopolitical environment
  • Teaching methods: Interactive class and case studies explanation
  • Pedagogy: More emphasis on finding semblance between theory and practice
  • Critical thinking: Motivates the students to think differently on a particular issue of great strategic relevance
  • Faculty: All faculty have PhD. and have a good grip on the subject
  • Analysis and criticism:  the students are given adequate training to become a good analyst and a critic
  • Policy and academic research on pertinent important themes
  • Periodic conferences and seminars on pertinent important themes impacting India’s National Security and the emerging International security environment
  • Interaction with the key policymakers
  • Humane touch and personal attention to each and every student


Thus, the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations is extremely unique in nature because it contributes with the distinct method of teaching and provides equal opportunity to all in the evolution of their personality, enhancement of knowledge and finally application of that knowledge in career building. It also provides a unique opportunity for practical experience of working in a research institute/think tank during the internship scheduled in summer.


The other uniqueness of the department is to expose the scholars to the best minds of the strategic and academic community. It has really helped in shaping and orienting the younger generation.