Where is Manipal located, and what are the facilities available here?

What is ICAS and how does the International Transfer Program at ICAS work?

Which university is giving the above program degree and is it recognized in India?

What are the branches available through the International Transfer Program?

What are popular disciplines at ICAS?

What will be the curriculum for the ICAS course?

Is there any entrance examination for applying or joining the course?

Are diploma holders eligible to apply for the program?

Are NRIs eligible for this program? If yes, then please specify details, fee structure or any other information required for admission.

If the CBSE or 12th results are declared late, then how does a student apply?

How many students have joined ICAS till date?

Is there any entrance examination applicants need to write after the second year, when choosing and opting for a university abroad?

What if a student is not able to get the required CGPA and is not accepted in an international university?

How can an applicant apply for an ICAS program?