The Department of Radiodiagnosis is one of the most important health care service providers in the hospital and plays a vital role in both early diagnosis and therapeutic procedures catering to all other branches of medicine.


Key Features

  • The department  has been in existence for  58 years
  • It has been taking care of both governments Wenlock and Lady Goschen hospitals for over 50 years and is well established in the private hospitals run by Manipal  University at  Bejai, Attavar and Ambedkar circle since 1980.
  • Presently it has established itself as a leader in delivery of radiology services to the city of Mangalore and patients from neighboring towns and villages including the state of Kerala.
  • The department is involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching for students in KMC Mangalore under Manipal Academy of Higher Education and has been recognized by the Medical Council of India for postgraduate training since 2010.
  • There is an international and domestic mix of undergraduate students with a domestic predominance of postgraduate students.
  • The department is equipped with  Xray, Mammography, Ultrasound, CT and MRI machines from leading manufacturers like GE, Siemens, Phillips, Shimadzu, and Allengers.
  • The postgraduates trained by the department have job opportunities in both medical colleges and corporate hospitals in  India and abroad.
  • There is an entrance exam conducted by Manipal Academy of Higher Education for undergraduate and postgraduate students for admission based on merit and a quota for government medical entrance students is also available for admission into undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • The department has provided faculty support towards the Four Ways Healthcare reporting program in the United Kingdom.
  • The department's interventional radiologist is providing expert assistance to procedures at all Manipal group hospitals as and when required.
  • 93 books at KMC Attavar 
  • 63 books  at KMC Ambedkar hospital 
  • Main library at college has over 636 books

Areas of Research

With Department of Anatomy: 

Dr. Anup Rao K, Doctor of Medicine MD, department of Anatomy KMC, Mangalore. 2009-2012- Radiological Changes Of Cervical Vertebrae In Cervical Spondylosis – Guided by Dr. Ajit Mahale


With Department of Skin:

Dr. Sakshi Midha, MD in Skin & V.D. 2009- 2012  Department of Skin – Ultrasonographic  Assessment Of Lower Limb Enthesopathy In Psoriatic Patients” Guided by Dr. Ajit Mahale


With Department of Physiotherapy,

1. Gopalakrishna Alaparthi, Asst. Professor Department of Physiotherapy, K.M.C. Mangalore - Comparison Of Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise, Volume And Flow Incentive Spirometry On Diaphragm Excursion And Pulmonary Function In  Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery – A Randomized Controlled Trial-  Guided by Dr. Ajit Mahale

(ICMR-STS) projects:-  

STS - 2006

a. Evaluation of Radiologic changes in cervical 

    spondylosis - Dr. Tejaswi- Guided by Dr. Ajit Mahale


STS -2007

a. Evaluation of Chest Radiograph in detecting early 

    Emphysematous changes in smokers -Dr. Rashmi 

    Ann - Guided by Dr. Ajit Mahale

b. Pulmonary Tuberculosis In HIV Infection  -Guided 

     by Dr. Ashvini Kumar 

STS 2010

a. CT scan as a prognostic indicator of spontaneous 

   intracranial hemorrhage - Mr. Rohith Sachdev 

   (MBBS) Guided by Dr. Santosh Rai.


About the area of study

Radiodiagnosis is a branch of medicine which deals with use of Xrays, high-frequency sound waves and magnetic properties of the human body for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic interventions. The discipline is expanding with newer modalities getting introduced with the objective of accuracy and precision in diagnosis so as to enable  delivery of appropriate treatment